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Filipino Martial Arts: Kali, Escrima, and Weapons

Filipino Martial Arts – Among the most popular and influential of martial arts practiced today are the fighting styles that come out of the Philippines, including Kali and Escrima (or Eskrima, all of which are different names for a very similar group of overlapping martial disciplines). The martial arts of the Philippines are unique in their emphasis on practicality, with little ceremony besides what is effective. This was necessitated by the violent history of the Philippines, marred both by conflicts between local tribes as well as with great international powers, such as Spain…

Taekwondo Forms: ATA, ITF, WTF

Taekwondo Forms – A “form” in Taekwondo is a choreographed series of moves, which can be performed with or without a weapon, for the purpose of interval cardio training and the development of proper mental and physical technique. They are more akin to exercise and conditioning than combat, while also displaying the artistic possibilities of Taekwondo. In competitions, Taekwondo forms are judged by a panel of judges, who evaluate the Taekwondo forms based on criteria such as energy, precision, control, and speed.

Wing Chun: Philosophy, Forms, Techniques, and Movies

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art made famous around the world by the late Bruce Lee. Ask any practitioner about what motivated them to study the art, and the martial arts movie star will inevitably be mentioned, often sooner rather than later. Bruce Lee did a great service to the world martial arts community by bringing Wing Chun into the spotlight, as its philosophy and techniques are worth knowing for any fighter.

How Combat Training Supports Mind And Body Transformation

Mixed martial arts or MMA has been incorporated in many fitness programs providing a structured, intensive and fun form of physical engagement. Classes are available for both adults and youth offering a multitude of health benefits including mental focus, core strength and endurance. Professional programs provide an educational and innovative approach to training individuals and groups.

Why Consider Learning Zen Do Kai?

For many people, learning something new is such an advantage especially if it can help you improve your health and boost self-confidence. One of the things that you may want to learn this year is Zen Do Kai. Trainers from reputable institutes claim that better health and a boost in self-confidence are not just the things one can get and can be expected from Zen Do Kai.

Learn Wing Chun to Seek Maximum Efficiency in Realistic Combat Situations

Chinese martial art, Wing Tsun (pronounced “Wing Chun”) is very efficient. It is one of the Kung Fu styles most practiced worldwide. However it remains different in comparison to other martial arts, in its principles and its conception of combat. The goal is to seek maximum efficiency in realistic fight situations, which is why the artistic and unnecessary movements of traditional Kung Fu are absent. One can thus consider it as a rigorous technique of self-defense, but you soon realize its martial nature by discovering the infinite richness of its “content.”

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