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You’ve been training for months, years, maybe a decade, and you’ve picked up a ton of knowledge along the way. As you go it’s easy to forget the little things you used to do and the optimal mindset, especially if you’ve taken some time off or got stuck in a rut. It’s not until you get clocked, land a sweet shot or suffer from absolute boredom in the gym that you remember some of the things that made you a better boxer along the way.

Squats for Boxing

When it comes to weight training for boxing, no other single exercise has made as much of a noticeable difference in my boxing as regular and serious squats. It’s not so much the squats as it is the leg strength. When I first started boxing I had come from years of weight training and had a decent amount of size and strength. Unfortunately for my height at 5’7″ weighing 177lbs was not going to put me in an advantageous position to win fights.

Boxing and Fear

I ran into a guy who used to train with me at a gym that had both boxing and BJJ, he was a purple belt at the time and had just gotten his black belt, he jokingly said that he had the surgeries to prove it. He went on to tell me about his stand-up experience which wasn’t as good, he had to step back since he had gotten a few concussions and according to him “couldn’t think straight for 6 months”. I also got this email about a month ago: “I’m a little embarrassed about this,…

Boxing – How to Train to Prevent Fatigue

In this article I discuss how to train to prevent fatigue in boxing. Boxing is a demanding sport that requires your push your endurance thresholds, by training with a heart rate monitor you can measure progress and athletic standards.

Will First World Nations Which Guarantee Their Citizens Health Care Outlaw Boxing?

When I was younger I played soccer for seven years, I was quite agile, and since I was a very good runner I was a key member of the team playing center halfback, and occasionally as a forward striker. Obviously, in soccer one of the skills of the players is “heading” the ball. Of course, as scientists learn more they realize that this can cause slight brain trauma, scarring tissue, and slight cognitive decline even in teenagers whose bodies are growing, and whose immune systems are very strong. Okay so let’s talk about all of this if we might – sports and protecting the human brain that is.

What Must Chad Dawson Do To Beat Andre Ward?

This article evaluates the traits and styles of fighting both Chad Dawson and Andre Ward bring into the ring to determine which strategies would be most beneficial for Dawson when he fights Ward on September 8, 2012. With both fighters being superbly skilled and evenly matched, it will be the small tactical adjustments that determine the winner.

Boxing Workouts at Home for Fitness

Doing boxing workouts at home can prove to be beneficial for you because they will not only strengthen your muscles and bones, but will also help you maintain your weight as well. After having taken consistent efforts, many people have experience amazing results and this is why boxing workouts have become so popular. Anaerobic, cardio, coordination, endurance and strength training are some of the common exercises that are included in a typical workout regimen.

Mike Tyson and the Infamous Biting of Evander Holyfield’s Ear

In 1997, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield faced each other in what would become an infamous Heavyweight Championship bout. Tyson would be disqualified for not once but twice biting a chunk out of his opponent’s ear…

How to Get Started With a Boxing Workout at Home in 5 Simple Steps

How would you like to do a real boxing workout at home? No more cheesy aerobics DVDs and no more junk gadgets you bought on late night TV. What makes boxing so cool, is 3 things. It’s authentic, fun and it works. Read on for how to get started.

About Amir Khan: What Would He Look Like With A New Trainer?

Due to Amir Khan’s recent loss to Danny Garcia, There has been talk in the media about Amir Khan possibly firing Freddy Roach and hiring a new trainer. This is a hypothetical analysis how some of boxing’s best trainers can help Khan improve as a fighter.

Dealing With the Counter Left Hook

This is difficult. Some guys are really good at countering with the left hook and moving their head and feet simultaneously. They step back and fade away into safety and you become exposed as you come in short taking shots.

Why Do We Box?

Why do I box? I struggled to figure this out for years. Mainly because I wanted to put it to myself in a way that would sound cool to everyone else.

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