All Access – Paul vs. Woodley 2 – Part 1

The Demand for Affordable High Quality Martial Art Supplies

Discount martial arts supplies are some of the most highly in-demand sports gear in the world. But does low price mean low quality? – Hell NO! Those who frequent discount outlets offering low-price martial arts equipment can attest to the dependability of the available products.

Answering Real World Problems With Martial Arts

The one thing that is missing in today’s society, is discipline. Martial artists see this, and they train on a regular basis to control this within themselves. If you can control your body, you can influence everything else around you, within reason. When there’s harmony between body and spirit, you will be able to do incredible things.

3 Things Religion and Martial Arts Share In Common

Some parents aren’t so quick to enroll children and teenagers into martial arts programs. There are some people that automatically assume that their child will become a killing machine. While there are lethal forms of self-defense, the main goal of all martial artist today is not to kill or cause serious harm.

3 Reasons People Fail At Learning Martial Arts

Failure can be final in many ways. If you are taking a test to get licensing in medicine, you can’t take it 100 times and pass. There’s a finite number of chances that you get in that world. Failure in the medical world is finite, it’s the end for many. When it comes to martial arts and learning self-defense millions of people fail, and it is final for them. It’s not because any form creates that, it’s mainly because people have the wrong expectations, and they simply walk away from training, learning, and living within the ideas and philosophies that are evidenced in learning the fighting spirit.

The Pillars of Mastering Any Martial Art

Millions of people today want to master martial arts. Whether it’s kung fu, karate, judo, or just about any form that you can think about. If you want to seriously gain leverage within this world, you will need to think about it in simple terms. Don’t think about it from the highest and mightiest of warriors, and don’t assume that you have to be as disciplined as Bruce Lee to get anywhere.

Learning Martial Arts On The Cheap

There was a time when all knowledge as passed down through oral traditions, papers, pamphlets, and books. Today, media rules every aspect of life, and this is showcased by the mad dash to the latest smartphone, tablet, and computer that comes out. Learning martial arts today has taken on a new life and can completely change your perspective on learning as a whole.

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