‘America Issues Stimulus Package’ Our PhDs Breakdown the details

How Martial Arts Can Improve Your Character

When you enroll in a martial arts class, the lessons are more than physical. Learn how your character can improve through their teachings.

Basic Tips to Be a Challenging MMA Fighter

MMA is a great and very popular combat sport. Many fighters want to become the notable MMA fighters but simply they couldn’t because they are not following the basic tips and techniques. So here is a detailed guide on some basic mma tips which could really help you on how to become a challenging MMA fighter.

Breaking The Punching Arm

In this article the author examines punching technique. He looks specifically at the way elbow placement lends itself to arm breaking techniques.

Benefits of Martial Arts Classes For Kids

Discover the benefits of martial arts programs for kids. Kids who do martial arts become more confident, focus better, and get to know themselves.

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

How martial arts is great for kids. Which martial arts is a good fit for your child.

Self-Defense Achiever vs Self-Defense Procrastinators

I get so frustrated when I see hundreds of offers from self-defense trainers… you have very little chance of succeeding in a street fight against multiple attackers themselves. YES! I said it.

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