A Great Boxing Routine Workout For You

Boxing is a great workout that you help you shed calories and build muscle at the same time. You also will achieve quickness and stamina when you add a boxing routine into your workout schedule. Follow the below boxing routine workout and you will not be disappointed in your results.

Punching Bag Strength Workout

Look at the punching bag as a strength building tool. A few tips are reviewed on how to get the most out of your punching bag from a strength building perspective.

Finding the Right Gloves For Boxing

If you are one of the many thousands or boxing enthusiasts you have chosen an awesome sport to watch, or better yet, to participate in. You will want to protect yourself as you perform your boxing skills so make sure you find the equipment that will best serve you in this endeavor.

Helpful Equipment For the Sport of Boxing

If you are one of the many individuals who are enthused about excelling at the sport of boxing, read on. Boxing is definitely gaining in popularity as more people are coming to realize what an excellent workout it provides as well as contributing to ones overall fitness. Besides building muscle, reducing unwanted fat and increasing stamina, the practice of boxing is also an excellent form of self-defense.

How to Eat Well For Boxing

I’ve never been a big fan of the extreme ways boxers will try to cut weight before a competition – starve themselves out for a week before their fight, sleep, eat and breath in their sauna suite and sit for hours at a time in a steam room or sauna – Ummm, no thank you! So I have spent my entire boxing career trying to discover the ultimate eating plan that would keep me lean and strong and keep my energy level high so I could perform my very best, without ever having to put on a plastic bag…

How to Be an Accountable Boxer and Athlete

I have spent the last three years of my boxing career being only accountable to myself. But sometimes I slip up, and because I only have to answer to myself it can happen more often then I like. Most people find it much easier to be accountable to someone else rather then themselves. This is because when you’re accountable to yourself you can justify almost anything. So I bit the bullet and hired a personal trainer. The best thing about having someone to be accountable to is that I can contact her whenever I need to ask questions, get support or have her wag her finger at me.

3 Secrets on How to Increase and Have Lightening Punching Speed

Have you ever had nightmares where you were fighting or sparring with someone, but your punches couldn’t connect your opponent because your punches were too slow? Or have you just been in a recent fight or sparring match, and found out that your punches were as weak and slow as a limp fish? If so, then here are three secrets to automatically increase your punching speed.

Punching Bag Speed

When training with a punching bag, it is very common to overemphasize power and forget about speed. This is probably because most who buy a punching bag do so for the power; since it is a common misconception that bigger and stronger is better.

Speed Bag Platform

This is a tool that is used in regular work outs that may be a part of acceleration and elevation in your proficiency and learning curve. This is a very important part of our home gym. This has quite a high performance and keeps you focused while you are working out.

Understanding the Benefits of Boxing Training For Fitness

Getting into boxing training fitness programs may improve your health thus increasing your chances of attaining a physically fit body. Many say this is a perfect way to have a stronger body and gain the confidence you want. Not to mention boxing workouts can help you be at your peak of you fighting form.

Boxing Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Which boxing shoes are the best? A few tips on how to pick out a pair of boxing shoes for maximum comfort and safety.

Punching Bag Buyer’s Guide

Hanging or standing? What weight punching bag is best? A few tips on how to pick out a punching bag and some of the things one should consider for effectiveness and safety.

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