Many Happy Returns For Ricky?

British boxing superstar Ricky Hatton returns to the scene of his only defeat on May 2nd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena (Las Vegas, Nevada) as he takes on Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao. It’s unquestionably the biggest event in boxing so far in 2009, as two of the world’s most popular fighters clash; Hatton has fought in Las Vegas a number of times with more than 30,000 fans travelling to watch him against Floyd Mayweather Jr in December 2007, whilst Manny Pacquiao is a national icon in the Philippines, second only to royalty in terms of popularity.

Oscar De La Hoya Retires

The Golden Boy announced his retirement earlier today after days of speculation. Rumors began circulating last week when it was announced that the former champ would be holding a press conference today to disclose his future.

Never Be Intimidated

How many times have we heard people make excuses for not doing something or simply plain quitting? In this article, the author analyzes 4 common objections and how that person can reverse his/ her way of thinking. The power of positive thinking definitely comes into play here.

History of the Boxing Glove

3000 years ago, the time of the Greeks, men would rap their hands in leather strips in an attempt, to protect their hands in fighting tournaments, boxing fights and wars. It was an attempt to provide protection for their hands – there was however never any really padding in these ancient boxing gloves, just leather to protect the boxer’s hands.

Ronald Hearns – Showtime Championship Boxing’s Favorite Son

He’s ranked 7th in the world by the WBC in the junior middleweight division. He’s 21-0 with 17 knockouts despite not having his first professional fight until he was 25 years old. And yet, when anyone mentions the terms boxing and Hearns in the same sentence, he’s not the one they’re referring to. Meet Ronald Hearns. Find out why he’s Showtime World Championship Boxing’s Favorite Son, learn about his new line of boxing t-shirts and apparel, and discover why he’s out to give the name Hearns a little more meaning.

The Dreams Come True, The Legends End

Rocky Marciano had looked up to Joe Louis. At a youthful age he would pin his ears back to the Brown Bomber’s fights in the radio, daydreaming about someday boxing against him for the world championship. When that moment finally came on October 26, 1951, Louis was an out shaped boxer with worn-out legs. He was past his zenith. Marciano knocked Louis out in the 8th round of their celebrated fight. When asked what was his most threatening fight, astonishingly, he always said it was his confrontation with Joe Louis.

How to Choose the Boxing Bag That is Right For You

If you’re serious about taking your training to the next level, investing in a boxing bag for your home is a great option. Sure you can always head to the nearest gym, but the convenience of having one at home is definitely worth the investment.

How to Choose a Punch Bag

A number of brands are available in the market selling punch bags. If you are going to get yourself a punch bag, there are various things that you need to know before you plunge into the actual buying. In case you do not have a convenient place for the punch bag to be hung, go in for a standing bag. Standing bag is also useful if you are planning to practice the kicks in addition to the punches.

Boxing Workout Guide

For those of you searching for a right workout, here is a simple guide to a healthy workout. Success at the training regime is a result of focus, balance, consistency and discipline. An ideal workout should be a mix of a good exercise, balanced diet and a healthy mind. It should be able to meet the below described criteria

Skipping Rope Techniques For Boxers

Skipping rope or the jumping rope is widely used by boxers along with the punch bag to improve their power and stamina. Spending a good amount of time with the skipping rope can help you improve coordination, agility, quickness, endurance and footwork. The primary aspect that gets improved with practice with the skipping rope is the footwork.

Boxer’s Diet For Increased Stamina

Boxing is a sport which requires plenty of stamina. But unlike other athletes, boxers are always watchful of their weight. A good diet is an important aspect of a good training regime. Poor diet can strain off the energy in the ring and drain off the muscle strength. A nutritious diet is required to provide the stamina needed for high levels of energy that the ring demands.

Joe Calzaghe – The Real Deal?

Joe Calzaghe has both fans and critics in equal measures. Many believe he is the greatest British boxer of all-time, whilst others are of the opinion that his career contains too many sub-standard and ‘past it’ fighters. This article looks at both sides of the argument and reviews the high, and lows, of his lengthy boxing career.

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