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Punching Bag Workouts – The Best Cardio-Strength Building Workout Around

Running, jogging, stairmaster, etc.. If you’re going to do cardio, why not work on strength and reaction time as well? Punching Bags can provide some of the best workouts out there.

Boxing Rules and Regulations

Boxing is a physical, competitive sport which is competed in around the world. This adrenaline fuelled sport is viewed by fans around the globe. Read this article to find out about the rules and regulations of the sport.

When Legends Fade to the Sunset

All of the greatest boxers may have tried to beat this adversary, and all of them just failed. This mighty opponent? Time.

Boxing Routine Workout – Get in Shape!

Are you tired of the same old workout routine that you use in the gym? A boxing routine well put some new excitement in your workouts. Boxing is a great workout for you as you will get stronger and shed calories.

Manny Pacquiao – The Facts Behind Why He is the Greatest Boxer

There are lists and opinions on who the greatest boxer of all time is. After Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines defeated Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto for the latter’s welterweight belt, and having won in the process his 7th world titles in as many weight divisions, the debate on “who is the greatest” just heated up some more. Let’s join this debate and let’s argue with facts.

Punching Bag Safety

The punching bag is the best tools out there for helping to improve MMA and boxing skills. One thing that is often overlooked is safety. The objective of this article is to point out common punching bag injuries and some ways to avoid running into problems. Some of the tips mentioned in this article may seem obvious, but they are still brought up because they are not as uncommon as we’d like.

Celtic Warriors – Top 5 Irish Boxers of All Time

Born in Dundalk, Ireland, standing at 5’8, Tom Sharkey would have a colourful career in Boxing. Leaving Ireland and travelling to America at a very young age, Sharkey joined the US Navy. It was here that he learned how to fight. Challenging and accepting fights from all comers, was in his nature, short but powerful and fearful of nothing or no one.

Little Tiger From the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao’s reign as flyweight champion did not last long-9 months-but enough for a baby to grow inside his mother’s womb and eventually see the light of day. Manny and Jinkee had, by this time, got married and their first child, Jemuel, was born. In the meantime, on April 24, 1999, Manny defended his title against Mexico’s Gabriel Mira, whom he defeated by TKO in the 4th round

Mayweather – Flawed Or Flawless?

The way Floyd Mayweather fights may not impress those who loved the way Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis fought. But Mayweather fights not to impress; he fights to win. And he delivers. It will be hard not to concede that he is master of the craft. To argue against Mayweather’s boxing skills would be to argue against the facts: 40 wins in 40 professional career fights.

Manny Pacquiao – The Greatest Boxer of All Time 6

Pacquiao knows what he is talking about and people understand where he is coming from. When he was too young to make a decent living for himself and his family, life was so hard that controlling body weight was forced not by boxing rules but by lack of food to eat. “I understand,” he said, “how it feels when people go hungry.”

Remembering Sugar Ray Robinson

His technique, boxing skills and ring generalship were simply too advanced-even for his time-to be ignored. To his credit must also go true grit and courage by which he tested his limits inside the ring, as well as an infinite supply of passion for the sport.

Remembering Bernard Hopkins

The longest-reigning middleweight champion in history did not look like one when he climbed the professional ring the first time. His opponent, Clinton Mitchell, trashed him by majority decision in a 4 rounder.

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