Boxing Training – What Is The Best Workout For You?

A brief rundown on training techniques for young boxers… For the high school or college boy, or any other amateur who will box three one-minute or two-minute rounds, running short distances, with wind sprints, will best prepare him for his type of contest.

Boxing Training

The right boxing training will bring out the best boxer in you. What do you need to train as a boxer? It’s a good question. Well how about fitness and knowing the technical side of boxing.

Boxing Knockouts

If you’re a boxer is there anything to beat throwing a deadly punch which rocks your opponent, sending him crashing to the floor? Of course there isn’t is there?

1920’s Boxing

The 1920’s period saw some very interesting boxing personalities. And they used some very fascinating psychological tactics to win their fights, sometimes even before they got close to the ring.

The Art Of Boxing

Can you jab effectively? Continually keep by-passing your opponent’s guard and hit him (or her) relentlessly? The jab is a great way of wearing down your opponent. And keeps you scoring points in the judge’s eyes.

Will “Pretty Boy” Mayweather Knock Down The Hitman?

The fight in Las Vegas eight days away, between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Richard Hatton has everyone in the sports media from America and Europe talking. To start both of these men have a nice number of undefeated fights- Mayweather has 38 (24 KOs) since his pro debut in October 1996, while the Mancunian has a career record 43-0 (31 by KOs).

The Most Over Looked Method in Boxing Training?

Boxers are often misled with the motto “No Pain, No Gain” or “More is Better” when it comes to training for a fight. I would like to discuss one of the most important and misunderstood factors in regards to successful fight preparation.

The Secret to Boxing? Is This Missing in Your Boxing Training?

The fundamentals can never be stressed enough. This is the secret to success in boxing, and really all sports. Read on to find out why I stress and teach solid fundamentals.

One of the Oldest Myths in Boxing Training

I would like to talk about one the biggest misunderstood, and needed bio motor abilities in the training of boxers. The most needed and under trained bio motor ability I’m talking about is maximal strength. I’m going to explain briefly why you want to lift heavy weights, and why in fact they won’t make you slow.

It All Starts With Footwork in Boxing Training

It amazes me nowadays on how many trainers fail to teach proper footwork. In this article, I’m going to discuss the most important fundamental of boxing training.

Your Boxing Questions Answered

Boxing has fully integrated itself into the world of sports and even has its own celebrities that titillate our urge to gossip and watch their lives like a hawk. Hopefully the information in this article will address some of the basics of this great sport and will help you make up your mind about the sport.

The Boxing Gym Brings Benefits Home

Sports boxing is considered by many to be one of the best physical workouts you can engage in. And, the good news is that you don’t have to seek out the boxing gym in a seedy neighborhood to gain the benefits.

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