How To Beat The Street Fighter With Boxing

Technique is an important part of boxing. Practicing and knowing other fighting styles as well will help one be prepared for any match, even against a street fighter.

Master The 5 Different Jabs To Win Any Fight

Knowing the 5 different jabs in boxing will help greatly improve one’s chances of winning the boxing match. This offers a quick reference guide to the different jabs and how to execute them.

How To Counter Every Attack

It is important to counter every punch thrown by an opponent in a boxing match. Knowing how to properly block punches thrown and set up for a counter attack is not difficult. Here are a few great tips.

Go Online to Find Live Mayweather Vs Ortiz Results

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz bout is coming up, as the two fighters battle for the WBC welterweight title. Learn how to find live coverage of the Mayweather Jr. vs. Ortiz bout online, including Mayweather vs. Ortiz results.

Master Your Range To Win A Fight

Posture and stance is so incredibly important when it comes to boxing and one’s ability to achieve a win. Once one can master their stance and range, they become virtually impossible to beat.

How To Beat The Grappler With Boxing

In the world of martial arts and in watching events such as Ultimate Fighting and cage fighting, the big question most people may be asking themselves, or their friends is, who is going to win? Will it be the grappler, or the striker? Very easily one could go back and forth on the topic forever, no one being right or wrong, but there are certainly some advantages and disadvantages on both styles.

A Closer Look At: Cuban Boxing

As a boxing nation, Cuba has it all. A rich history, a successful present and an exciting future. This isn’t just professionally either; Cuban fighters have amassed plenty of medals on the amateur stage over the years. Dating back to 1968 in Mexico, Cuba has won forty nine Olympic medals in boxing. Professionally too Cuba has a history of winning belts, spanning from the 1930s until today. Now, who are the stand-out Cuban fighters?

A Closer Look At Ghanaian Boxing

With the attention of the boxing world focused on American, Mexican and British fighters, it is easy to discount the boxing scenes in other nations. I am going to take a look at the boxers in different countries and have a look at their stand out fighters.

Types of Boxing Performance and Conditioning

Boxing performance, or practical boxing fitness has a vast array of benefits which individuals can work towards achieving. Boxing performance has been defined as the training methods of a fight gym, combined with scientific based strength and conditioning, and placed in a fitness training environment whereby increased physical capabilities is the primary goal. Boxing performance could be broken down into four key areas of training in technique, explosiveness, boxing conditioning and strength and conditioning. Additionally the combat style Muay Thai is a supplementary element.

Equipment for Boxing Conditioning

Boxing performance and conditioning has become a very popular form of fitness and sports performance training. Most commonly it is used in the form of boxer and pad holder, an extremely beneficial method if used correctly. However boxing conditioning should not be limited to pad work as many other alternative pieces of equipment can be used such as heavy bag and floor to ceiling ball. Also be mindful of type of gloves worn.

Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves For You

Do you need help choosing the right pair of boxing gloves? If you are a beginner who is just entering the field of boxing you are likely confused by the wide array of choices and what all of the terminology means.

Boxing Equipment – Tips You Should Know

You know that boxing equipment is a very important part in any boxing program. But many boxers in high school will use worn-out equipment a lot of the time. You will see a box of second hand gloves and old pads in the place where they practice this sport.

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