The Mental Training of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun can teach you more than just how to be relaxed in a physical confrontation. When learned properly, it can help you be flexible and adaptable when faced with ANY kind of challenge in life.

Visualization, Mystic or Mastery?

Visualization can turn your goals into reality. Our subconscious mind is a powerful place, and when it is working in our favour rather than against us, the potential for us to achieve is unlimited.

All I Wanted Was A System That Worked

Looking at the many attitudes that I read today, practitioners of the martial arts are starting to seriously question what they are being taught. The question they’re asking; am I really doing self-defence?

Karate As It Should Be And How It Is

Many martial artists are resistant to change and believe if change must occur it should happen slowly through conventional means. They believe things are done a certain way because years of trial and error have proven these ways to be effective.

Skill Without Knowledge Is Worthless

Let’s face it, being in good shape does not mean we are good at karate. However it is hard to become skilled at a martial art if you are not.

So Why Did You Quit Karate?

Originally kata held the fighting concepts and principles for a complete fighting system truth is, today much of the practical aspects of karate has been lost in time. Unfortunately, this has led to many students to ask of karate katas the question why I am doing this move how does that technique relate to actual personal self-defence outside the dojo.

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