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David Haye – The Making of a World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

David Haye has taken the boxing world by storm over the past few years. The brash British fighter is a two-division champion and is one of the most talented fighters in any weight class. In addition to his great skills, and his already formidable career, he’s also known for his great athleticism, physique and his power.

Beginner’s Boxing Equipment Guide – Part 1

Are you looking to join a boxing gym? Or you have just joined a boxing gym and don’t know what equipment you need to start your boxing journey? This article will help you pick up the boxing equipment you need to immediately start your training.

The 8 Basic Punches Of Western Boxing

There is generally an arsenal of 8 specific punches that a good fighter will develop. From these eight punches there is an incredible array of “combinations” that can be thrown as he tries to get past the defenses of the opponent in the opposite corner.

Boxing Equipment Purchasing Tips

Getting The Best Boxing Equipment. Those that are considering taking up the “Sweet Science” of boxing for health, fitness, self-defence, or good, old fashioned competition are making a wise choice. Boxing has much to offer on many levels. Best of all, it is a fairly easy sport to get involved with since there is not much equipment needed to train.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved With MMA or Boxing

Although both boxing and MMA have been around for quite some time now, it seems as though they are now blowing up with popularity. The youth of today is choosing to get in the ring nearly as much as they are picking up a football or swinging a bat. The question that is raised by this shocking information, is why?

Train Like A Boxer – Core Workout Routines

I have a huge passion for boxing and mixed martial arts. Learn how to train like a boxer, and find out why a boxers physique is one of the most sought after physique’s. Here you will get some simple tips on training like a boxer.

The Greatest Boxers of All Time

A list of the best boxers of all time would vary depending on who you are asking or to which list you might be referring. Some people may consider the best boxers to be those who have accumulated the best records during their careers while others may feel that those who had the best technique or greatest strength and athleticism to be among the very best.

Amazing Benefits Of Boxing Exposed

Are you looking for ways to improve your overall health, stamina and well being? If that is so then why not discover the amazing benefits of boxing today? Here are some of the gains that you will get out of trying this sport.

3 Great Exercises to Strengthen Your Core and Minimize the Effects of Body Shots

Any core strengthening that you can do can help to minimize the effect of a body shot, and make it easier for you to take a punch. It’s important in boxing or any type of martial arts to strengthen and maximize your core workout routine.

Correct Boxing Gloves

In boxing, there are hundreds of branded boxing gloves that are used in various forms of boxing training. Often enough, most branded boxing gloves fall apart in a matter of minutes or months depending on which loves you purchase and which type of training method you use.

Boxing For Women – How to Pursue This Sport As a Woman

Oh my god that girl can really hit. Seeing a well trained professional woman boxer is not like seeing a cat fight in your local tavern. These girls have put in the time, done the road work, and have been trained to be the best they can be.

Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao Versus ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley – May 07th 2011 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas

The unofficial p4p number one, Manny Pacquiao takes on the aging but dangerous Shane Mosley in May 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, in what appears to be another routine match-up for the Pacman. Mosley, whilst a great fighter in his prime, has seen better days in the ring and his defeat to Floyd Mayweather was very one-sided. How will this battle go……

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