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What Can Martial Arts Do For You?

What are some benefits of developing a dedicated martial arts practice? Learn how you can become a better person by practicing martial arts.

Generational Mixed Martial Arts

There have been umpteen articles and rankings on the history of the sport since no one heard of MMA before the UFC. Today I break down the generations of MMA fighters with a look at how the sport and the fighters themselves have evolved.

Karate Was Invented by a Woman

Karate, renowned as a bare knuckle, in your face martial art, was actually invented by a woman. This article reveals who that woman was, and traces a bit of the evolution of Karate.

Martial Arts Classes and Defence

Some people are a little unsure of the linkages between the martial arts, self-defence and the law. There is some variation here by State and this should NOT be read as a legally qualified statement.

Demolishing the Self-Confidence Myths

For some, self-confidence training is a negative thing carrying with it certain negative connotations. Let’s examine those here and demolish them accordingly.

Martial Arts Flexibility Tips

Anyone who has watched a martial arts program or tried martial arts knows that flexibility is very important because you are always moving. Before starting on the training and learning the different moves and holds it is important that you do some stretching exercises. This helps with martial arts flexibility. It is an often overlooked part of martial arts training. In order to maximize the benefits of the training along with improving your range of motion you need to be flexible.

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