I BROKE MY RIB CAGE *we called an ambulance*

The Early History of Boxing

The ancient Egyptian civilization holds the initial records of bare hand-to-hand combats. Further records were found among the archives and art works of the Greek and Roman civilizations and these evidently suggest that boxing was already a public favorite.

Buying Basic Boxing Training Equipment and Gears

In a contact sports like boxing, proper equipment and gears are essential. Here are the matters you must have when training for boxing.

Boxing Shoes – Style Versus Comfort

Should you choose style over comfort when buying the best boxing shoes for you? This may seem like an easy, no nonsense question but the truth is that many people would rather look cool in the boxing ring wearing some stylish shoes rather than having a sensible looking pair that is also the most comfortable and safest pair that money could buy. You may think that women would be worse at this but, oddly enough, men are just as bad.

Tyson’s Gonna Knock You Out, Adam!

Adam Richards is scheduled to face world champion Marco Huck, for the WBO cruiserweight championship on March 13th. No one would have ever believed Richards would one day contend for a world championship when he first arrived at the campus of Northern Michigan University during the summer of 1996.

Boxing Shoes – How to Buy the Perfect Pair

Whether you are just starting out in the boxing world or you are a seasoned boxer, buying the perfect boxing shoes is still one of the most important things that you will do for yourself. This is true if you want to have a successful career in boxing or just want to be able to have a successful boxing work out. Being able to execute the right foot work is going to be imperative to your success.

How to Get a $500 Gift Card Free – Boxing Vs UFC Survey

Would you like to know how to earn a $500 gift card just for giving your opinion on Ultimate fighting vs. Boxing? Your opinion is highly valued by companies that support both of these sports and they are willing to give you $500 for a few minutes of your time.

Amateur Boxing Basics

Boxing has been popular throughout history. Back in the time of the Egyptians around the 2nd millennium BC, there were not as many rules as there are now, and we are now seeing not so brutal fights as were the case back then.

Punching Bags and the Young Boxer

The two primary types of punching bags known for building strength and endurance are the heavy bag and the speed bag. To get both of these in one work out session, the heavy bag is a great choice as the speed bag is a lot smaller and lighter.

Twins Boxing Gloves

Twins boxing gloves are manufactured by the Twins Special Co, Ltd. A Thai company famed for its outstanding quality and commitment to Muay Thai fighting products. The company make everything from protective gear, shorts to pads and bags that can be used to help train with.

Boxing Shoes – Finding the Perfect Pair

If you are interested in or involved in the world of boxing you already know just how essential the right boxing shoes are to the overall wardrobe of the boxer. While other accessories such as hand wraps, boxing gloves and other protective gear are also important, it is imperative to have a high quality pair of shoes. For many boxers, the right shoes are at the top of the list.

Boxing Shoes – Everything You Need to Know

Boxing shoes just may be the most important pieces of equipment that a boxer owns. The perfect pair of these shoes will be lighter than air…

Boxing For Kids – How Boxing Exercises Can Teach Them Valuable Life Skills

The last thing that most parents would consider as a sport for their kids would be boxing. However, it’s not all blood and guts as seen in the movies and can in fact teach them valuable mental skills in addition to the obvious physical skills.

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