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Hand Protection Used in Boxing

There are two main types of hand wraps, cotton with a herring bone weave and Mexican hand wraps. Most boxers prefer Mexican hand wraps, they are made from a cotton elastic material, slightly stretchy and provide a custom like glove fit which is very comfortable. Mexican hand wraps will cost you more than cotton hand wraps.

Ring Tactics-Ring Craft

Ring craft is not a substitute for physical fitness and boxing ability. You must work hard in training and sparring and then the ability to solve problems and workout your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses will come with experience.

Manny Pacquiao

The name is Emmanuel. To the boxing world, he is Pacman. To his adoring fans, he is Our Manny. To the boxing pundits, analysts, enthusiasts, commentators, not excluding politician-hangers on, he is Pacquiao. To the millions of starving Filipinos, hungry for heroes, who feed on political bickering breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between, he is the Pambansang Kamao (National Fist).

Manny Pacquiao – A Sporting Icon, A Symbol of Success From Poverty, and the Philippines’ Pride

Manny Pacquiao is not the first person to achieve wealth and success through sport, after being brought up in poverty. In South America, it is young football stars. In the Philippines, Manny Pacman Pacquiao has become a boxing icon, and a national hero who emptied the streets of Manila when he fought Erik Morales for the third time. Where Manny stands out the most, though, is that his success has not destroyed his modesty, respect his fellow, and his humility. He is a star without pretence; a Filipino with pride.

Finally the Date has been Set

One of the wealthier fights in boxing history will take place now that Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather have agreed to the terms of their next encounter.

Boxing Betting Basics

Betting expert RJ Bell schools you on the basics of boxing betting, plus gives you tips on how to win.

Essential Boxing Equipment for Every Boxer

When you are training to become a boxer there are a few very important pieces of boxing equipment that every boxer needs. Whether you have a huge training facility and many different trainers, or you are working in a sweat shop by yourself, you still need these basic pieces of equipment to hone your skills.

Boxing Gloves: Everything You Need To Know!

The most important piece of equipment for a boxer is their boxing gloves. When boxing first started many hundreds of years ago, boxers did not use boxing gloves at all. These boxers were known as gladiators, because they fought with their bare hands, and sometimes these fights ended in death.

Boxing: A Great Sport Even for Kids

Boxing is a very demanding sport that can bring great rewards to someone that gives it everything that they have and more. If you can stick with boxing, then you will learn many very important life skills that will help you to be a better person.

Women’s Boxing has Made Huge Strides

Boxing is one of the oldest sports that are played throughout the world. It is at the very roots of the American civilization. Men used to fight each other with bare knuckles in bars since the first immigrants came over from Europe. Later these boxing matches were cleaned up a little bit and boxing gloves were introduced.

Boxing Memories Of Past Years

Boxing has been around for a very long time. During the great history of boxing were some amazing matches. These matches showed the true heart and determination of the human soul. They also show the power and skill that some boxers possess.

Beginner’s Guide to Sparring

Now that you have learned all the boxing punches and techniques, here is your chance to put it into practice.

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