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James Odwori – Uganda’s Most Decorated and Most Exciting Amateur Boxer

James Odwori, born October 23 1951, is said to have been born in Kenya where later as a retired boxer Odwori became Kenya Prisons’ Boxing Team Coach and later became a Kenya National Boxing Team Coach. A relatively tall boxer for a light-flyweight, young Odwori established himself as an international boxing phenomenon by winning the Gold medal at the 1970 Commonwealth Games (held from July 17 to July 24 1970) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mustapha Wasajja – Uganda’s Mysterious Boxing Champion

Mustapha Wasajja was a notable Ugandan boxer, an Africa amateur boxing and pre-Olympic boxing champion in the mid-1970’s. At the World Amateur Boxing Championships held in Havana, Wasajja was eliminated by future world heavyweight champion Leon Spinks. In the professional ranks, Wasajja rose to prominent heights but failed, against world light-heavyweight champion Michael Spinks, to capture the world title. Wasajja’s fame is intertwined with his being a mysterious Ugandan champion. He challenged for the Africa professional title against Zambian Lottie Mwale but came short of winning.

Eridadi Mukwanga and Uganda’s First Olympic Silver Medal

Eridadi Mukwanga is associated with the era of the 1960’s and 1970’s when Uganda established herself as an international boxing power. Uganda boxers collectively thrived as Commonwealth Games’ boxing champions and African amateur boxing champions. Eridadi Mukwanga became cemented in history as Uganda’s first Olympic silver medalist, when he lost to Valerian Sergeyevich Sokolov in the finals in the bantamweight division at the Games held in Mexico City in Mexico in 1968.

Boxing Workouts to Improve Your Performance

The training of boxers, and the pace and scope of their boxing workouts are largely dependent on the point in their career that they have arrived at. If you are a beginning boxer, a starting training routine might involve learning to hit the speed bag and the heavy bag, as well as the double end bag.

Boxing Pay Per View Yields Viewership to Ultimate Fighting

It’s interesting that for such a caring culture, that Americans love to watch boxing and fighting so much. For some reason we love to watch others beat the hell out of each other. And the tougher the men and the harder they hit, the more we love it.

Boxing Training – Using Music to Boost Your Workout Potential

Boxing is about agility, strength, and endurance. It is about perseverance and strength of character, but most of all it is about will, the will to win and the will to live. It brings out the strongest in the human spirit.

Latest Injuries and Honors in Boxing

The World Boxing Council (WBC) are honouring the great American boxer Vernon Forrest for all of his involvement in the WBC since he started making a name for himself in the ring in 1997 by winning the WBC Continental Americas Welterweight Championship then. Having achieved much more since then, including three WBC World Championships, he is now recovering from an injury before he can put on his boxing gloves again to regain the WBC World Championship against current champion Sergio Martinez but even off the ring, Forrest was unanimously voted to represent the WBC as its Ambassador of Peace and Good Will in the World Through Sports.

Boxing Bell – A Look Into The Definite Must Have in Any Boxing Match

It’s difficult to imagine a boxing match without it. A boxing bell is just as much a staple in any boxing match as are boxing gloves or the round girls that come and go to signal the start of each round. You simply have to have it or you will feel that something about the match is all wrong.

3 Beginner Boxing Tips to Learn How to Box

It can be hard to learn how to box without having any instruction or guidance. When you’re boxing training at home, that’s exactly the problem that most people have. Take a look at these three golden beginner boxing tips to help get you started.

Master the Art of Speed Bag Training For Boxing

Speed bag training is one of the most essential boxing training drills. Learn how to master your speed bag workout and you’ll improve your fitness, hand eye coordination, speed and more.

Most Important Equipment For Boxing Training at Home

Check out this informative guide to see which pieces of boxing equipment are absolutely essential for boxing training at home and effective boxing workouts. You’ll save yourself money and get into fantastic shape.

Cotto Vs Pacquiao – And the Winner Is!

Who would expect a smaller guy fighting with a bigger guy? The unimaginable, inconceivable and unthinkable fight is on. Who would win this fight?

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