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Boxing Combinations For Cardio Kickboxing

One of the differences between a trained martial artist and a streetfighter is the time spent practicing sequences or combinations of moves. The idea being to not just hit, but to reflexively hit in sequences of three or four moves. It is far more effective to barrage an opponent with a rapid sequence of blows than to just punch them once.

The Thaiboxing Workout: A Scientific Approach

Thai-boxing, the national sport of Thailand, is perhaps the most brutal sport in existence. Participants batter each other with punches, kicks, knees and elbows. This article shows how to train for superior cardiovascular conditioning.

Boxing Sparing Robot; Hit Me, but I Hit Back Too

Most Boxing Sparing partners for the big name boxers get paid to get beat up on. But what if we could save that money and build a robot to take the brunt of those hard-training workouts? And while we are doing this why not program in the very best fighters that they may go up against into the robotic sparing partner? Could this be done?

Mike Tyson – A Boxing Legend

The rise and fall of the boxing legend Mike Tyson, youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Boxing Stereotype Comes Crashing Down

White fighters mostly from Eastern Europe changing face of sport. Old stereotypes of “white guys can’t box” are crushed. Americans slowly becoming second-rate in boxing.

Hip-Hop Breaks Out At Boxing Match

Hip-hop culture usually a disaster. Not really based on anything except bravado and little education. Corporate-types just want money and will say anything to get it.

Energy Balance in the Body is a Key to Better Health

Creation of devices to sense weak energy fields has led to the recognition of energy fields in the human body. Balance of this energy is important to maintaining excellent health. Alternative health care practitioners have developed methods of balancing energy to allow the body to heal itself.

The #1 Boxing Rule “Protect Yourself at all Times”, Also Includes Your Medical Records

Boxers are taught to protect themselves at all times. Everyone can learn from this. And there are simple ways to do so.

World’s Largest Boxing Gloves Ready for Las Vegas

World largest Boxing gloves monument and musuem proposed for the City Of Las Vegas by artist / designer Pual Montez

Mohammed Ali a Great Prize Fighter

Undoubtedly Mohammed Ali is one of the greatest boxers of all time. In no other time in United States Boxing History have we seen such a dominate figure in the Heavy Weight Boxing arena.

British Heavyweight Boxing

The first round started slowly, with both fighters hardly throwing a punch, measuring each other up. Perhaps, if Audley’s pathetically weak jabbing is to be counted, there were half a dozen punches thrown during the three minutes. Nothing to worry about there – Heavyweight boxing has rarely seen an explosive first round since the Mike Tyson glory days. The power of the two men in the ring normally dictates a cagy opening, neither wanting to over commit and be caught out.

Future of Boxing and Holographic Projection

Boxing is a sport where men and sometimes very tough women get into a ring and knock the ever-living crap out of each other. It is a test of will, stamina and strength. Some say the one-on-one nature is the epitome of what sports competition is.

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