I Won’t Lose – Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson (Episode 1)

The Right Hook at Mid Range – Power Guaranteed!

The mid-range right hook has the potential, if thrown correctly, to be a tremendously explosive punch. From a static stance, the shot can be delivered with devastating power, unlike for instance the Mid-Range Left Hook with requires other skill elements to be deployed alongside the shot in order to provide the leverage opportunity, such as following an inside slip or right cross.

Right Uppercut at Mid Range – Clinical Punching!

About the Mid-Range Right Uppercut Uppercuts are the most technically challenging shots that a boxer uses. They are thrown relatively rarely in comparison to other punches because of the technical difficulty associated with landing the shot and because the shot carries with it a higher degree of risk than many other shots. By examining and understanding the elements of the mid-range right uppercut shown in this video, you will be able to deploy the uppercut in the correct circumstances and maximise the impact of the shot when it lands.

Boxing Workouts For Men – Get Strong and Fit With Boxing

Boxing has stood the test of time as a great workout. It requires little to no equipment and can be done anywhere.

James Toney Makes the Jump to MMA

James Toney makes the jump to MMA a week from Saturday when he climbs into The Octagon to face former UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture at UFC 118. Toney is by far the most sucessful boxer to attempt to make the transition to MMA but does he have a chance against UFC veteran Randy Couture?

Why is Mayweather Running Away?

Lets face it. Mayweather does not want any of Manny and he knows it. Manny Pacquaio will certainly destroy Floyd. Floyd, it seems is making all types…

Preparing For a Kickboxing Tournament

=The true date where kickboxing originated would be hard to determine, like any martial art, it developed from different mediums and came to be what it is known today because of the many developments it has encountered through the years. In fact, experts agree that it may have evolved for two thousand years.

Learn the Different Kickboxing Combos For a Better Cardio Workout

=In the movies, you can easily appreciate the fighting moves that action heroes do. Although we already know that they are sequenced, they are not as easy as it sounds. Sequence fighting needs lots of practice and coordination, and it’s true that a street fighter would be no match to a person who has trained in a martial art extensively because the latter knows different combinations that can be used to quickly out maneuver his opponent, just like kickboxing.

Learn Kickboxing in the Privacy of Your Own Home With Kickboxing DVDs

=There are two main reasons why people would want to learn kickboxing, first is to learn how to defend themselves and second is to develop an exercise regimen. Some would even develop skills that would allow them to become professionals but mostly, the two reasons stated are the primary ones. Whichever of the two is your driving force in deciding to learn kickboxing; you are most definitely entering a world of good health, and discipline.

Choosing the Appropriate Heavy Bag Gloves is Critical Before Starting Any Kind of Heavy Bag Training

These days, heavy bag gloves are not only for the boxing enthusiasts. Most individuals get involved with the sport of boxing simply for working out and stress relief. When training with a heavy bag it is very important to take much needed precaution for your hands and knuckles.

Eleoncio Mercedes – Dominican World Champion Boxer

Born on September 12, 1957 in La Romana, the largest city of Dominican Republic, Eleoncio Mercedes was a world champion boxer in the Flyweight division. Most of Mercedes’ boxing career was spent in the United States and Mexico. He debuted as a professional boxer on July 2 of 1978 in a fight against Darryl Jones in which he won.

Heavy Bag Training – Importance of Bagwork For the Pugilist

Heavy Bag training is fundamental in Boxing and Muay Thai. Plain and Simple. A heavy-bag is a Must. Heavy Bagwork is a must. It must be done. Of all the training tools in a Pugilist’s environment, the bag is one of the most important tools for training power, as well as for perfecting technique. Although there are many types of heavy bags on the market, a good old fashion, leather bag that will withstand punishment for years is best.

Boxing Training Tips – Train Like a Pro!

Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional boxer? Apart from having the guts to step into the ring in the first place, it takes years of preparation, dedication, training and determination to succeed.

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