I Won’t Lose – Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson (Episode 3)

Don King and the Boxing Writers Association

In past columns, I’ve attacked everything from unscrupulous boxing promoters (Don King – Bob Arum), to incompetent and biased boxing judges (take your pick), to haughty boxing honchos (Seth Abraham of HBO). But now I’m going to give you boxing fans some insight into the inner workings of the Boxing Writers Association, an organization almost seventy years old, who for years have done nothing for boxing but to give out questionable awards, sometimes to their own members. The Boxing Writers Association (once more properly called The New York Boxing Writers Association) was formed in the middle 1920’s, and…

Honest Ratings in Boxing

The problem in boxing is that the ratings system is so corrupt, many good fighters never get a chance to fight for a world title, while others of less talent, do get their chance, and a good payday to boot. Here’s a little history lesson on why this is, and always will be a problem in the sport of boxing. In 1981, there was two distinct Boxing Writers Groups; The Boxing Writers Association and the International Boxing Writers Association…

Boxing Combinations – Don’t Be Fooled by Bad Advice!

Rather than follow some of the less than useful advice bandied about on the internet, why not educate yourself as to how to build effective boxing combinations? Rather than emulating predictable boxing combinations like a robot, why not develop your skills so that you may be your own master when working out how to bring an opponent to heel by using blindingly fast and damaging boxing combinations?

The Boxing Footwork Pivot – Boxing’s Best Kept Secret!

Boxing Footwork is given a whole new dimension when a simple pivot is executed. The pivot is a simple skill yet is very often overlooked. This article will help you understand why executing a pivot in the boxing ring as so effective in so many situations. Mastering the pivot will open up a world that will allow you to take on and outsmart any opponent. From expert defensive boxers to super strong offensive ‘tanks’, the pivot is a boxing footwork skill that will allow any of these threats to be dealt with!

How To Fight Someone Taller

Many boxers will benefit from knowing how to fight against someone taller than they are. At first glance a taller boxer would have a clear advantage especially when you’re a beginner boxer and not a experienced strategic one.

Adidas Boxing Gloves Buying Guide – What Should You Buy?

The Adidas Boxing Gloves Buying Guide provides an insight into the Adidas Boxing range, reviewing the brand and the gloves within the brand. A must read for anyone looking for advice on the available Adidas boxing gloves out there and the sort of prices you should expect to pay.

How To Box: The Basics

This ‘How To Box’ guide covers all the basics of boxing from stance, footwork and technique through to a break down of how to throw each punch type. A great insight into what you can work on to improve your boxing technique and punch power. This guide provides pointers and instructions for boxing beginners and explains how to distribute weight and momentum to deliver compact and powerful punches.

Beyond the Boxing Ring: The Benefits of the Boxing Workout

Boxing is so much more than a sport. It’s an art form that can transform the body, mind and soul. The physical and mental strength the sport provides can increase confidence, determination as well as stamina, muscle mass and weight loss.

Beginning Bouts: Tips for Preparing for Your First Fight

The amateurs isn’t about winning and losing, it’s all about getting ring experience. I use this mantra to focus my first-time fighters and teach them the importance of truly learning and understanding the sport of boxing. Preparing for your first amateur bout can be overwhelming, intimidating and downright scary.

Boxing: WBA Light Welterweight Champ Amir Khan Credits Coach Roach

Barely months have passed since Amir Khan chose to leave native Britain for the States, and he already has the local fans rooting for him after the pounding he gave veteran Malignaggi on his US debut. According to Khan, the credit should go to the superior training he has enjoyed in the US.

Tips For Effective Boxing Training Workouts

Do you want to learn how to box? Boxing is not an easy sport to get into, unlike baseball or basketball because boxing is more of a physical sport. You can really get hurt inside the ring, even if it is just during practice. In fact, you will experience pain because it is the nature of the sport. That is why it is important for you to do the right boxing training workouts so you can be better prepared for it.

Boxing Pound for Pound Rankings

Boxing pound for pound rankings are some of the most interesting aspects of the entire sport. Take a look at, and learn where to find, the best boxing pound for pound rankings on the web.

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