The Martial Art Styles of Action Movie Stars

In recent times, the beautifully choreographed fight scenes are preferred over characterization of artists or stories which include a complex plot. These films mainly focus on fights among the characters where the hero is often a trained martial artist or one who has undergone rigorous training for the role.

Debunking The Myths Of Self-Training

There are many different views with any one topic, so why would martial arts training be any different? When it comes to training nearly everyone has their own ideas, opinions and theories about what is best. None generate such heated debates and get such great downplay as that of self-training. In this article we will be clearing out the webs of deliberate deceit involving training oneself.

Muay Thai Training For Physical And Mental Alertness

Muay Thai has its roots in Thailand. It was first introduced by Thai soldiers centuries ago as a form of lethal close combat fighting. It involves the use of head butts, punches, kicks, elbows and knees. Even though it was once declared as violent, unsporting and barbaric, today the Thailand martial arts style has become quite popular across the globe. The use of all four limbs makes it very exciting to watch. It requires nimble, fast movement and agility to pull off especially in the ring.

What Is the Best Martial Art to Study?

People looking to train martial arts or self defense for the first time often don’t know what they should look for. This article provides information on various arts and systems.

Ryu-E-Ryu: Family Fighting Style

The Ryu-E-Ryu martial arts technique has an incredibly history, dating back to the 1850s. The founder is named Nakaima Norisato from Okinawa who taught his only son the technique with the instruction that it will only be passed on to one son per generation.

Karate-Jutsu: Focus on Power

Karate-Jutsu may seem like an exact replica of Karate, but this is far from the truth. Although both forms of martial art do not use weapons for attack and defense, the ‘jutsu’ in Karate-Jutsu puts emphasis on the ‘art’ of ’empty hand’ combat.

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