Intro to Restorative Yoga – Watch First

Fitness Training And Strength Conditioning Career Overview

Mixed martial arts training is one of the most popular and lucrative career options for those individuals who are into it. The arts training has been growing in popularity due to the fact that it not only improves one’s health, it also serves as an excellent means of self-defense especially for young individuals, women or the elderly.

How to Break Through to a Real Black Belt

With all the people wearing black belts, there aren’t many real black belts. Here is the distinction that makes a person into a real black belt.

How Martial Arts Can Improve Social Interaction

Marital arts training bestows upon the practitioner many benefits. This article deals with the benefits that help the individual in all social interactions. Read it to get the full story.

Traditional Martial Arts: Are They Good in a Self-Defense Situation?

The long, ongoing dispute between martial arts traditionalists (those that practice a classical martial art i.e. Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung-Fu) and non-traditionalists or “Reality Based Martial Arts” (i.e. Pankration, eclectic martial arts various martial arts that have taken the best of the striking and grappling moves from traditional martial arts and applied them to real world situations-often removing the kata/forms that are the bedrock of traditional combat arts) has been raging ever since No Holds Barred (now called the UFC) first reared its ugly head back in 1993.

How Kids Karate Classes Help Improve Attitude and Manners at Home

Kids karate classes teach children to be more respectful, responsible, and take personal pride in themselves. This helps them improve their attitude and manners at home.

How Karate Classes Help Kids Do Better in Sports and Other Recreational Activities

Kids can better their performance in sports and other recreational activities through participating in karate lessons. This is because karate classes for kids teach confidence, endurance, flexibility and body awareness, and leadership skills and how to work with a group and be a team player.

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