Jake Paul – 23 (Official Music Video) Starring Logan Paul

Boxing Equipment Training

There are so many items in a modern day gym all designed to make one fitter. You take for instance, the swinging punch bag, or the skipping ropes, or the weights, the medicine balls, the bikes, and running machines, the list goes on. But out of all these great assets to help one get fit, there is one missing and that is the punching bag.

Was Cintron’s New Loss Fair?

The first couple of rounds were more of a feeling out stage with Willams throwing punches and Cintron doing a pretty good job of countering. Up until the fourth round there was little fireworks a couple of good clean shots landed but nothing to a lot of fanfare.

Boxing Lessons – Nail the Perfect Stance and On-Guard!

Want a clear, no fuss description of the boxing stance and on-guard? This article describes importance of the boxing stance, it’s mechanics and the kind of faults with the stance that prevent a boxer from delivering maximum success both offensively and defensively.

High Top Boxing Shoes by Everlast – Michelin Hydrolast Lockdowns

For men who are serious about their boxing workouts, the Everlast Michelin Hydrolast Lockdown High Top Boxing Shoes are a must to have. Not only do these shoes come equipped with all of the features that Everlast is famous for supplying, but they use the new tire tread technology of Michelin Hydrolast.

Why is Boxing Losing Its Following?

Boxing was once the greatest sport to watch. Why is it that this has changed in the past fifteen years?

Boxing the Puerto Rican Way – Get to Know Sixto Escobar

For so many years, boxing has remained as one of Puerto Rican’s favorite sports. Puerto Rico is known to produce word class boxers; one of them is Sixto Escobar, who was the first world champion boxer from this country.

Italian Boxing Champions – Who Are the Top Three Lightweights of All Time?

Throughout boxing history, almost sixty men of Italian or Italian-American heritage have held world championship belts. In fact, some of the greatest names in boxing, like Rocky Marciano and Willie Pep, were of Italian heritage.

Old Kids Still on the Block

So, the greatest welterweight fighter of the modern day has claimed he is better than the two greatest fighters ever. Firstly, Cassius Clay. Muhammad Ali as he is better known, is in the top two best fighters of all time.

Boxing Tickets Still a Hot Commodity

When I heard that the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight was going to happen, I was probably more excited about boxing than I had ever been in my life. Then it was devastating to find out that the organizers couldn’t work out the logistics of it and the fight will not happen.

Khan Vs Malignaggi – War of Words Continue in the Ring

World Boxing Association light welterweight champion Amir Khan will face former IBF light welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi on May 15, 2010 at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. For the past few days, Khan was linked to have a title bout against Juan Manuel Marquez, 36, however, Nacho Beristain, Marquez trainer they have no interest in fighting Khan because it will just reflect as a stepping-stone fight to build Khan’s name in boxing. This is the reason why boxing fans have the opportunity to watch Khan vs Malignaggi fight each other.

Mosley Vs Mayweather – Will it Be the Best Fight For Floyd?

The fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Shane Mosley on May 1, 2010 may put his boxing career at its peak. But sad to say, it might be Mayweather’s final fight that could be considered as a his greatest fight he could have in his career.

How to Build Arm Muscles by Boxing

Boxing is an amazing sport that will teach you the fundamentals of fighting and how to defend yourself. Along with this boxing will increase your arm strength exponentially.

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