Jake Paul CRIES backstage AFTER Logan Paul Loses to KSI

Your Comfort Zone May Be Too Comfortable

Workouts that used to be challenging become so easy and this is called the comfort zone or plateau. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things! Discover why boxing is the perfect workout routine to challenge this zone!

The Story of Manny Pacquiao

The Story of Manny Pacquiao begins in General Santos City, Philippines. He was born on December 17th, 1978. We can’t begin telling the story of Manny Pacquiao without examining the hard life of Manny Pacquiao.

The Death of Boxing

It has been said for many years now that the glory days of boxing are long gone. Going back as recently as five years, fighters such as Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather, Felix Trinidad, Lennox Lewis, James Toney, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Fernando Vargas, Oscar de la Hoya, Shane Mosley, Bernard Hopkins and Arturo Gatti were still lacing up the gloves, at or near the top of their respective games. If boxing’s better days were behind it as of when these fighters were active and in their primes, what does that say about its present state?

Boxing Equipment Ensures Safety of Boxers

Boxing involves two participants who fight with their fists with each other. Boxing is a physically demanding sport that requires strict workout regimes, which are accompanied by special training equipment that keeps the boxer safe during fights. Training equipment The speed bag is used while training as it moves around in often-unpredictable location, which helps the boxer in getting superior hand eye coordination and speed.

Customize Your Boxing Shoes

Not everything about boxing is based on a good solid punch. Well, it helps a lot if you can pack a mean punch, but proper footwork is also needed to win a match. Proper footwork helps a lot in a fight, it can help you keep your balance, to dodge your opponent’s blows and if ever you get hit, it helps you to stay upright and avoid falling.

Free Boxing Tips

Here are free boxing tips for the would-be boxers. Boxing is a sport that requires strength and stamina. So a fast-pace workout is important to keep your energy running and to improve you endurance to stay in your best shape for the entire fight.

Five Hardest Hitters in Boxing History

The best thing about heavyweights is the chance of a spectacular ending. The fighting machine could end the fight with one blow making it more exciting than ever. Here’s a look of the top hardest hitters in boxing history that gave us a sudden but out of this world moment.

Boxing Tips For Beginners

Boxing is a sport that requires intense workout without having to tear your muscles and joints. The best beginner boxing tip one can give is to first improve their whole body strength. Their exercise regime should be vigorous and exciting; it should burn a lot of calories, improve their body’s endurance and help develop mental toughness.

What Pinoy Pride? Manny Pacquiao Gain Could Be a Loss to the Golden Boy Dela Hoya

Pinoy pride Manny Pacquiao fight on December 6, 2008 vs Oscar de la Hoya could be unfolding of a great event in boxing. Throw in a little bit of drama as de la Hoya swears to avenge all the Mexican boxing legends Manny Pacquiao fell, and you have the makings of a real blockbuster.

Thank Heavens Nat Fleischer’s Opinions No Longer Influence the Boxing World

Ring Magazine founder Nat Fleischer did not like Muhammad Ali’s boxing style and as a result highly underrated him. Thankfully, he has little influence over boxing opinion anymore.

Knocking Out World Records – The Most Amazing Knockouts in Boxing History

A knockout is to boxing as a slam dunk is to basketball or a home run is to baseball. It’s boxing’s signature occurrence and a lot of people remember fights on the quality of the knockout. And these are some of the most memorable knockouts in boxing history.

Why is Boxing Slowly Dying? And Can it Be Saved?

Boxing is dying slowly and it has only itself to blame. Here are 10 suggestions to bring it back to life.

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