Honesty and Sincerity According To The Samurai Code

As martial artists, we can learn much from the code of the samurai. Even in this modern day age, lessons regarding honesty and sincerity can be gleaned from reading about these warriors of the past.

Jiu Jitsu in the History of Martial Arts

Some people call it the “Mother of Martial Arts” while others see it as one type of combat sport among so many others. Jiu Jitsu has numerous variations and a diversity of approaches, with more or less popular forms. Although traditionally referred to as a Japanese martial art, some historians believe that Jiu Jitsu originated in India, and then reached Japan where it flourished during the Middle Ages.

Introducing Martial Arts As a Part of School Education

Martial arts are combat practices whose origin can be traced to the Asian countries of China, Japan, India as well as others. Most popularly known forms of martial arts are judo and kung-fu. Ideally, the martial arts techniques are used in self-defence or attack, depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Top Tips for Buying a Heavyweight Karate Uniform

Buying a canvas karate uniform for the first time can be tricky. Find out which weight is best for you and your style of training.

Refuse to Fall Victim to Friendly Mental Fire

Martial training has more to do with training your mind the further you progress with your studies. Learn a lesson from this article that a younger student had struggled with.

Wing Chun: Destruction Via Soft Relaxation

Wing Chun is practical and contemporary, just as it is ancient and mysterious. It’s no wonder that the greats, such as Bruce Lee, adapted this art form for their own personal styles. Read on to learn more.

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