Jake Paul Face 2 Face With AnesonGib (Fight Day)

Punch Bag Training That Increases Punch Strength

Punch bag training is a legendary technique to improve punch strength and speed. In order to improve the punch strength, start off with hitting a punch bag heavier than you normally do. The punch bag should weigh at least 100 pounds. A heavier bag forces you to increase the punch strength. Progress to a heavier bag once you are comfortable with the present bag.

Boxing Versus MMA – Who Will Win the Power Struggle?

Boxing has been the unchallenged ‘fight’ sport for decades. However, the new revolution of MMA is set to challenge Boxing’s very foundations as they attempt to convert fans to their own breed of competitive combat.

How Boxing Can Finish Off Life Stresses

In this article, the author touches on the benefits of heavy bag training toward stress relief. Also in this article are his words of wisdom that will make you overcome anything only when you believe.

Manny Pacquiao – The People’s Champion

Manny Pacquiao was born Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao on December 17, 1978 in the impoverished neighborhood of Kibawe, Bukidnon in Mindanao, The Philippines. Before all the glory and riches were ever bestowed upon the star boxer, this ambitious young man who would one day become the Philippines’s most iconic figure was simply a young boy looking to survive the streets that brought him into this world. As a young boy, Pacquiao was already learning how to fight for his life, not in the ring but in the streets.

Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach

Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach have developed one of the most dynamic trainer and fighter combinations since Joe E. Martin Sr. and Muhammad Ali. Freddie Roach has trained some of the greatest names in boxing such as Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, and the former pupil he recently defeated, Oscar De La Hoya.

Hatton Vs Pacquiao – The Fight Will Not Happen After All!

The scheduled boxing super fight between Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao and British hero Ricky Hatton will not go ahead after negotiations broke down today and the fight was officially announced to be ‘off’. I take a look at who each of these fighters will now take on next.

What’s Next For Andre Berto?

We have witnessed and undefeated prospect almost taste defeat January 17. But luckily, Andre Berto has gone on with the victory by unanimous decision against Luis Collazo. But we do have some questions for Andre Berto.

Boxing Superstars – Who is Next For Manny Pacquiao?

My father loved to watch sports. And it is his influence that made me watch boxing as a sport, despite its seeming brutality. Who wants to watch two ring gladiators punch each other out into submission with gloved hands but is still guaranteed to inflict destruction?

Optimism For Boxing

Life sometimes can hit us with a couple of big punches. In this article, discover how the author overcame two injuries with the right mindset. Learn how to apply “working with what you have” in your boxing game!

Khan Vs Barrera – Has Frank Warren Gone Crazy?

Amir Khan is to take on Mexican Boxing Legend Marco Antonio Barrera on 14th March 2009 in Manchester, England. In a big step up for Khan, has his promoter Frank Warren has gone crazy?!

Grappling Gloves

There are many interesting fighting games that people engage in as fun activities or even for competition. They include grappling which involves matching the strength of the opponent by grappling, handling and controlling them without striking them. One makes use of skills like grappling holds, choke holds and counter strikes.

Pack a Better Punch With These 10 Points on Improving Your Technique

There are a number of factors, mental, physical and psychological which contribute towards improved punching. 1. Balance: One of the training benefits of practicing Boxing and martial arts like Judo and Jujitsu is the emphasis on how to maintain good balance.

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