Amazing Benefits of Boxing Training For the Health

We all know that taking up any kind of sport will greatly improve our physical fitness level. But there is one sport that stands out among the rest when it comes to being a really good fitness program by itself. And that is boxing. For so many years people who have no ambitions of ever going professional have taken up boxing training to help improve their overall wellness and of course, their physique. Boxing can definitely do all of these for you, and more.

Boxing Equipment – How to Choose the Right Boxing Gloves, Boxing Headgear and Mouthpiece

If you are interested in learning combat fighting or multi-martial arts empty hand combat, a great place to start is with boxing. Although many martial arts do not include or consider boxing an integral component to martial arts combat, you will be cutting yourself short if you do not (at the very least) get in a few toe-to-toe sparring sessions. Boxing can be dangerous and too much of it will be damaging to your brain. Be sure to ALWAYS wear protective gear and learn the proper techniques to avoid injury. This article offers tips on how to choose the right boxing gloves, boxing headgear and mouthpiece.

The Best Boxing Bags

If you are planning to become a boxer you should know the basic information about the boxing bags. It requires a lot of endurance, conviction speed and power and power. You should know about the best boxing bags as well. Now we will talk about the ten best boxing bags existing. We will just take a look at the best boxing bags.

5 Steps to Improve Your Punch Speed!

Ever wanted to improve your ‘shots landed’ rate? Wanted to build up your speed to top pro standards? Check out the 5 ideas in this article that will lead to improvement in punch speed…real fast!

Junior Boxing Gloves – Ideal For Kids and Teenagers

Throughout information about junior boxing gloves. What is it, & what is the main function of it etc.

Mayweather & Mosley Tickets – How to Get Them Smoothly

It has been said that the biggest and hottest boxing match is to take place soon. For all those fans of the sport out there, this is not new information as they have been eagerly waiting for a long time for this to happen. The countdown has begun and the people have begun warming up for the session.

Boxing is Not Just For Professionals

Boxing is a great exercise for the body. One can improve and have physically fit body by getting into a boxing training program.

Muay Thai Chronicle

What’s the fighting art that originated from Thailand? Yup, you’re right; it’s Thai Boxing or local folks known as Muay Thai! This martial art is developed during the country’s formation. At that time Thailand or used to be Siam was frequently invaded by other nations.

How to Punch Like a Boxer

Before we begin, try this scenario – Find something big and heavy that is difficult for you to move, then stand about 12 inches away from it with your feet together, put the palms of your hands against the object, and start giving it a good push. Unless you have super human powers, the first thing that happens is you start to lean back and lose your balance. Now if I ask you to do the same again using your own technique – You will instinctively stand further away from the object, keep your arms straighter, take…

How to Throw Efficient and Effective Straight Punches (Jabs-Cross)

Following paragraphs outline the key principles of the straight punches. In order for your straights to be effective and efficient, you would need to consider the important key points such as forming a proper fist, engaging the core and controlling of the path of the striking force.

The Victor Conte View on Boxing and Health

Victor Conte remains a person who is very outspoken on the issues of drugs in sports. He has put forth his opinions on steroids and other performance enhancing related items.

Boxing As a Stress Reliever

Distractions, stress and overall the hectic lives we all live require a positive outlet that will reverse the effects. Taking a boxing class to learn the quintessentials of what the sport requires is one of the best ways to relieve yourself of stress.

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