The Suspended Workout

This workout shows how to feel better when in a stressful situation. The best way to face problems is head on but it also helps to have an outlet such as boxing. Studies have shown that one can do intense and difficult workouts when stressed out. Discover how this routine works!

Punches in Bunches

In this article, learn how to increase ones punch output by doing shadow boxing drills. This case study shows a 3 week progress of a trainee and how she improved her numbers by simply using hand weights. Discover how extraneous variables such as other workouts, diet and sleep can help improve your boxing game!

Big On Boxing

Boxing is an old sport dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Greek Olympics and Roman games. It has evolved in to a professional sport complete with rules, weight classes, coaching, media coverage and a whole lot of fans! Athletes train incredibly hard to achieve ultimate power, strength and agility. Fortunately for most of us we can receive the benefits of boxing, without ever having to actually hit someone. Or get a concussion!

Knock That Stress Out!

This article discusses the stress relieving benefits of boxing. Contrary to popular belief that it’s simply a sport wherein two combatants fight, training in the sport brings forth a positive mental well- being every session. Inside the article is a section about the “psych edge” which helps relieve stress.

Getting Over Yourself

In this article, the 10 gremlins that undermine performance are discussed in the scope of boxing training. Discover how boxing can let an individual surpass himself by simply “doing it” focused on ones goals. Various sports psychology techniques are applied to make boxing training as holistic as possible.

Jack Dempsey Vs Jess Willard – The Birth of a Legend

In July 1919 Jack Dempsey took the title from Jess Willard. It was a display of speed, Power and ferocity that has never been surpassed and made Dempsey a ring legend. The fight was held in a purpose built timber stadium and took place in a hundred and twelve degree heat.

Shadow Boxing – A Test of Your Will

There are so many ways on how to do shadow boxing. This article focuses on the mental side of this drill. We tend to focus much on the physical aspects but forget the mental aspect. The article brings us back to the “mental track” of the game.

Respect The Boxer – Prefight Factors To Be Taken Care Of

A lot of people think that boxing is an easy sport based on what they see on TV. However, a vast majority of individuals do not realize what goes on before the combatants lace up their gloves. This article gives tribute to the sport and the heroes that make it great.

The 7 C’s of Mental Toughness

Boxing training is a great workout but it is not easy. Having a good mindset helps one achieve greater things in the sport. Gain competitive edge by exercising the mind and body!

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire A Certified Boxing Trainer

When you want to be brought to a whole new fitness level, take a look at boxing trainers. They will take you to your best shape ever with the best workout ever! This article explains what makes boxing trainers at notch above the others.

The Dreaded Jumps

Boxing training has a lot of benefits. Discover how quick workouts are more effective than long “death marches”. If you want to lose weight, tone your muscles and build your stamina here is a good article. If you the lack the time, space and equipment, the tips and strategies from this article will help you.

Bad To The Bone – Morrison Vs Hipp (1992)

A prime Tommy “The Duke” Morrison was a powerful hitter who possessed a great left hook; however, he was “chinny” and that factor made him an exciting fighter though it cost him against stiff punchers. Joe “The Boss” Hipp, a fringe contender and a member of the Blackfoot Tribe was a rough, tough heavyweight out of Yakima, Washington and the type of guy you didn’t want to meet in an unfriendly bar.

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