Jake Paul Sparring Footage (LEAKED)

Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao – Fight Or Beating?

We have been watching Manny Pacquiao’s and De La Hoya Commentaries about this long waited match. Both fighters have been training really hard and have put 100% towards this fight. Starting from the arrival of both fighters to the ring,they looked in good shape.

Interview With Middleweight Prospect Yuri Foreman

Boxing Capital recently had a chance to talk to talented Junior Middleweight, Yuri Foreman. This 28 year old currently has a perfect 26-0 (8 KO’s) record and is highly respected within the boxing industry, as well as being rated by all of the major governing bodies.

Can Khan Return Stronger Against Fagan?

It’s a tougher match up than many expected for Khan on his return. Many, myself included, fully anticipated Khan being fed another non punching super featherweight. But, credit must go to Frank Warren; whilst Khan is not returning at top level, this is no walkover.

Shane Mosely Vs Antonio Margarito is Still On!

There have been rumors of the Mosley/Margarito bout not happening. Well, there have been recent updates that it is going to continue. The reason that Margarito turned down the fight was because of the money split. They were going to split is 50/50. Margarito did not want that split so, he turned down the fight. The team negotiated about it, they all came into agreement, and the fight has a done deal.

Yank Vs Brit Boxing Fans – What’s All the Fighting About?

Despite rumors (or shall I say rumours?) to the contrary, apparently all of the major disputes between the Yanks and the Brits were not settled with the Treaty of Paris. Certain boxing blogs and forums have grown rife with animosity between fans domiciled on both the east and west ends of the Atlantic.

Roy Jones Legacy

He dominated his sport like few others before him. For a decade he reigned as the best pound for pound fighter in boxing. And for the first fifteen years of his career, he rarely lost a round. But since turning 35 years old in 2004, life just hasn’t been the same for old Roy. He didn’t simply begin to slip down the other side of the hill. He fell into a precipice.

Hatton Back to Form

Ricky Hatton signalled his return to his best form after crushing American opponent, Paul Malignaggi. The young New Yorker was stopped in the 11th round for severe bruising around his left eye. Fighting for the first time since ending an 11 year training partnership with Billy Graham, Hatton showed that a 30 year old dog can still be taught new tricks.

Antonio Margarito Drops Moseley Bout

It has been reported that the bout between “Sugar” Shane Moseley will not be facing Antonio Margarito in January. There have been reports of Margarito missing when they almost had a done deal with the bout, but Margarito’s manager stated that they will not be facing Moseley, because they think that Moseley will beat him, and then Tony lost his rematch date with Miguel Cotto. If people have been waiting for this bout, and are ticked off at Margarito, then don’t be.

Arthur Abraham’s Thoughts

There have always been rumors that Kelly, The Ghost, Pavlik will have a mega fight with the undefeated, hard hitting, Arthur Abraham. Well, it looks like this fight might happen. Arthur Abraham stated that he wants to go after Kelly Pavlik to see “Who is the best of the middleweight division,” and then move up to super middleweight.

What’s Next For Joe Calzaghe, Roy Jones Jr?

In a startlingly unsurprising fight, Joe Calzaghe completely dominated Roy Jones save for a well placed first-round Jones forearm to the face of Calzaghe. So what’s next for these two?

Boxing – A Piece of the MMA Puzzle (Article 1 of 5)

Boxing, or pugilism, is a common combat sport in the West, possibly born from the Greek pankration arts, and was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 BCE. Opponents punch each other using a variety of combinations and victory is decided if a player knocks down his opponent for a set period of time (usually ten seconds).

The Mental Aspect of Boxing

Boxing is always the most physically challenged sports item. The boxer requires both upper and lower body strength. The boxer must train his mind to be as tough as his body.

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