Jake Paul vs Ben Askren – FACE 2 FACE (2 DAY COUNTDOWN)

Muhammad Ali – Short Bio of the Greatest

When Muhammad Ali was born in 1942, his given name was Cassius Clay, Jr. He only changed the name in 1964 when he joined the Nation of Islam. He evaded the draft during the Vietnam War, because he didn’t believe in going to the other side of the world to fight when blacks had so few rights here. He would appeal the charges all the way to the Supreme Court, and win.

Top 10 Boxers of All Time

Boxers aren’t just known for their boxing skills and their charisma but also for the way they overcome tough battles and handle their successes. Some of the best boxers didn’t always succeed on the first try and other successful boxers suffered painful defeats near the end of their careers.

History of Boxing – Women, Minorities and Film

Boxing goes back to ancient Egypt around 3000 BC and in the 7th century boxing arrived in ancient Greece. During this time soft leather thongs were used to protect boxers’ hands. When boxing arrived in ancient Rome, metal-covered gloves were used by boxers and when Rome fell, boxing disappeared from the scene until the 1600s.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Boxes Like Magic

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has always wanted to box, and many in his family had the same career goals. His father once fought Sugar Ray Leonard. When he was young, his family was poor, and it was common to have no electricity in their home. This is in stark contrast to the life they can afford now.

Emerging Boxer – Boxing Basics

This article informs the reader of the boxing basics and additional information from weight classes to ring size. Diving into the world of boxing can be a daunting drop, one that can be cushioned by learning the boxing basics. These basics include (but are not limited to) the rules and regulations, the types of boxing, weight breakdowns and where you fit in, how boxing matches are won, and so on.

The Legend of Salvador Sanchez

Salvador Sanchez is considered by many boxing historians as one of the greatest featherweights to ever set foot into the boxing ring. Like many great Mexican fighters before and after him, he came from a poor upbringing, with zero to little amateur experience and rose to become one of the great fighters of his era.

Protective Equipment for Boxers

It has often been said that a bad tradesman will blame his tools for bad workmanship. His tools are there to help him achieve a good job if he is qualified to do it and the same applies to boxers. Having the right equipment together with the necessary attributes can make the difference between a good boxer and a great boxer.

Boxing Lessons – How to Improve Your Boxing Techniques

To develop your boxing skills you need to not only persevere but also know the right technique of boxing. All you require is a mirror. Stand right in front of the mirror with your toes outwards, let your arms hang loose and place both of your feet a good 12 – 16 inches apart.

Find Mayweather Vs Cotto Results Online

Learn how and where to find live Mayweather vs. Cotto results online. Using live Mayweather-Cotto round by round results is a great alternative to paying the full price for the pay-per-view.

Fighting a Slugger or Brawler

Brawlers, or sluggers, are fighters who typically fight at medium range and rely on their punching power to try and win fights by knockout. Because their fights often end early by KO, they typically do not have great endurance. Brawlers or sluggers typically have an advantage against swarmers because they can stop their aggressive forward movement with their power, but a disadvantage against boxers/outfighters who use their endurance, range, and technical proficiency to outbox them over many rounds.

Critical Boxing Combinations

Boxing combinations, or punching combinations, are the logical extension of boxing punches. When learning how to box, boxing combinations serve as important building blocks for understanding the interactions between two opponents. Certain punches or movements generate certain reactions from opponents, which in turn lend themselves to certain types of follow-ups or responses from you.

How to Box a Swarmer

Fighting a swarmer, or “infighter”, can be a daunting experience for a new boxer. Swarmers are considered the most exciting boxers to watch for a reason – and that’s because they are fast, throw a lot of punches, and land knockouts. Not the funnest thing to face as an opponent. This is a guide to how to beat an infighter or swarmer.

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