Fundamental Boxing Punches

Chances are when you wanted to learn how to box, boxing punching is the part that excited you. And for good reason – punching is exciting. Boxing punching is an exhilarating explosion of energy and muscle that is part raw ferocity, but also part trained precision.

Boxing Benefits 101

Boxing is not just an ordinary sport, some people are living with it as their career and some people use it as a stress reliever, women nowadays tend to use it to lose weight and become leaner. Boxing will not only satisfy people based on its obvious effects, it could also help people who is into it to uplift their inner beings; their attitudes. Let’s check the common benefits that we could get from boxing.

Top 3 Major Benefits of Boxing

There is a great clamor for a more effective workout or exercise that could easily chop those fats away. In boxing, you wouldn’t experience just a slight change. Rather, the benefits are endless. Read more and find out the numerous benefits of boxing.

The Hard Truth About Boxing

We are too focused on the seemingly great life that the boxing world champions show us. However, we need to take a second look and try to see its dim side. For decades, numerous deaths and injuries related to boxing have been cited already. Let’s find out about the extent to which this negative truth reside beyond our knowledge.

Top Five Boxing Fights of 2011

Boxing fanatics wants to be updated about the boxing world. To satisfy the boxing fans out there, this article is just right for you. You’ll be aware of what’s hot and what’s not in the last year’s boxing fights.

Boxing Workouts – What’s in to Be Lean?

Most of the women nowadays are really conscious about their figures. Diet pills could be found almost in every corner, and foods which promised them sexier body are almost everywhere. The newest trend today on how to remain lean and fit is boxing. Yes, you heard it right, it is boxing. People think that it is only suitable for boys, girls too can try it. Fitness expert also gave credits, that boxing is indeed one of the fastest way to become leaner.

Improve Your Physical Strength With Punching Bags

A professional boxer is not born in a day, he needs to work out and build muscles and strengthen the body to equip him. Punching bags are an essential boxing accessory that plays a crucial role in a professional boxer’s practice sessions.

Maintaining Healthy Mind and Healthy Body

The various machines used for physical exercise such as rowing machine, tread mill etc are meant for repetitive work outs. The boxing equipments are also used in order to maintain physical fitness and for training.

Boxing’s Pound for Pound King: Floyd Mayweather Jr

Get to know the man behind the title. Let’s revisit his roots and retrace his steps as he evolved into one of boxing’s greatest athletes. Understand why he is hailed as boxing’s pound for pound king since 2005 by getting an overview of his greatest career achievements so far.

Timothy Bradley Would Have To Use His Head Against Manny Pacquiao

Boxing fans all over the world are bracing for yet another fight that could possibly be the next best thing to a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather match up. We all have to settle for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight on June 9, 2012 but that does not mean this will lack the firepower that millions expect from the long time rivals who, ironically, had not scheduled a fight after all these years. It would be interesting to know how the orthodox Bradley will fare against the Pacman.

Is Manny Pacquiao Really Retiring?

Manny Pacquiao has every ingredient to be a legend. Through the years, legends in boxing have become bigger than the sport that another field would have to be considered to accommodate the name’s overflowing fame and recognition. Pacquiao is now a hyphenated personality, becoming a lawmaker in his homeland, a TV personality and now the Catholic Church’s Bible-ambassador in the Philippines. Do fans sense a looming retirement?

Boxing Styles And Techniques For Beginners

There are four main boxing styles that are part of the sport and are used in matches. As nobody is alike in this world, so it is with boxers and boxing. Mentally, as well as physically, there will never be any two boxers who fight with the exact same style.

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