Jake Paul VS. Ben Askren OFFICIAL Open Workout

A Starters Guide to Choosing the Right Protective Gear for Boxing

Are you considering jumping into the exciting world of full contact boxing? Are you confused by the large number of equipment available? Find out exactly what you need to get off to a good start and fight your way into the boxing ring.

A Closer Look at Fitness Boxing, Its Advantages and Techniques

Ever wondered why fitness boxing has become such a popular form of exercise these days? Find out why fitness boxing is an effective tool for losing weight or building your body up and the various techniques used.

Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s “Greatest” Victory

Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest boxer of all time. Joe Frazier knew it, Joe Louis knew it…. Muhammad Ali knew it. Still Ali, brash young boxer who had never been defeated also knew the power of branding. If he said “Greatest” enough about himself, he would eventually win over a segment of the crowd. They would say it about him, especially once he took the heavyweight title.

A Beginners Guide to Equipment for MMA Woman Training and Matches

Beginners of mixed martial arts may be both confused and excited by the wide variety of products that are available to them; especially women fighters who have to endure large sporting companies trying to sell them things that look good, but are useless in the ring. Looking sharp and sexy is actually an important part of being an amateur and pro fighter; you want people to remember you as the majority of spectators tend to route for the better looking or most colorful fighter. Though remember that your main concern should be protection against serious injuries and finding equipment that is comfortable to fight in.

Sexy Protective Equipment and MMA Ladies Boxing, Do They Mix?

Do beautiful women, sexy protective clothing and mixed martial arts mix? Some would say they make the perfect combination for a great show. Find out what types of women’s MMA apparel and gear are popular this year.

How to Choose the Best Pair of Ladies Boxing Shorts

Did you know that women’s boxing has never implemented a rule for a standard costume? Find out why that is and what types of fighting/training wear is available to you.

A Brief Look at the Life and Times of Female Boxing Superstar Laila Ali

Who knew that Mohammed Ali’s daughter Laila would follow so closely in his foot steps to become a champion fighter of women’s boxing and go onto to help this sport rise up into the public eye. Learn more about Leila Ali and her path to greatness.

The Excellent Benefits of Boxing for Fitness!

When it comes to boxing for fitness, you may be unfamiliar with using this great sport to help you stay in shape. After all, exercises such as running or interval training are traditionally more popular and well known.

A Newbie’s Guide to Protective Head Gear for Boxing

Full contact boxing is undoubtedly a relatively dangerous sport, with the fighters head being the most vulnerable impact spot. Wearing good protective head gear for boxing is a must for both amateur and professional fighters. Find out what types of boxing head gear is available to you and how to choose the best fit.

A Newbie’s Guide to Hand Wraps for Boxing

Hand wraps are the most overlooked pieces of boxing equipment available. Find out why this is and what types of hand wraps provide you the best and most comfortable fit for training and match fights.

Woman Amateur Boxing Gloves and Heavy Bag Training Techniques

Have you just entered the world of woman amateur boxing? Are you still trying to find your feet in a relatively male dominated sport and are wondering how to improve your speed and technique? Well one of the oldest and most effective forms of boxing training is the heavy bag.

A Short History of Boxing for Girls

Are you thinking about signing up for female boxing classes? Ever wonder how women’s only boxing started and what the pioneers of he sport had to go through to get it recognized as a respectable sport? Read a short history of the exciting world of girls boxing

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