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Strike the Center of Mass – A Boxing How To Guide on the Right Uppercut Body Punch

The right uppercut to the body is probably the single most difficult boxing punch to defend. It also has the potential to be the most devastating punch because it strikes the center of mass; the solar plexus. When you get hit in the solar plexus, you stay hit! This boxing how to guide explains in clear steps how to land the right uppercut, maximizing power and maximizing precision.

George Foreman – A Brief History

George Foreman: Boxer, Baptist minister and a very successful entrepreneur. From the start of his boxing career, through Olympic gold medal and world heavyweight titles, to his successful Lean Mean Grilling Machine campaign.

Learning Boxing Combinations

Boxing combinations are a string of punches delivered in a specific order. They are much better at wounding your opponent than single punches. They help you to increase the rate at which you are able to strike your opponent.

Boxing Tips and Punching Tricks

Boxing is all about technique and accuracy when you deliver that left hand crochet. Endurance and sheer pure muscles are also a must when we talk boxing at a professional level. So here are some useful tips you should consider for perfecting your boxing skills in the ring.

Four Essential Parts of a Great Boxing Workout Routine

In order for a boxer to survive in the ring for four, six, ten or twelve rounds, they must have a great boxing workout routine. Find out the four essential parts of a great boxing workout.

Don’t Aim for the Ribs – Boxing How To Guide on the Right Hook Body Shot

Many people wrongly assume that when a boxer strikes the body of an opponent they aim for the ribs; this is not the case. Obviously if the ribs are struck with enough force then damage can be done, but the rib cage is by design a very tough structure. When a boxer strikes the body, they aim for the soft tissue below the ribs. This is how real damage is done, by taking the path of least resistance! This boxing how to guide will describe how you can use the right hook to the body to crushing effect.

Workout Gloves

Workout gloves provide protection for a boxer’s hands during training exercises. Sometimes, they even improve the quality of punches being delivered. There are different kinds of workout gloves available.

At Arms Length – A Boxing How To Guide on Body Punching

Whilst hooks and uppercuts are the body punches that have catapulted many great Mexican fighters to super stardom, no boxing how to guide on hitting the body should exclude straight or long range punches. A great way to keep off a swarming fighter is to smash home straight body punches to the centre of mass; the solar plexus.

Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sport Fitness Training

With the increased interest in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a sport and method of fitness training strength & conditioning within combat sports has rightfully become more accepted. Gone are the days where your old school boxing coach will tell you not to lift weights as it will make you bulky and slow. Evidence based strength & conditioning works hand in hand with combat sports performance. Combat sports include boxing, kickboxing, MMA and various traditional martial fighting styles. In this article we merely scratch the surface of combat sport strength & conditioning.

Training With Workout Gloves

Workout gloves are important in training exercises for boxers. They provide protection and can even improve performance in training and conditioning. You will need different types of workout gloves for some of the different exercises that you do as a boxer.

Winning Boxing Matches Through Hard Work

Winning boxing matches requires a lot of hard work. This hard work can be divided into four main categories. Knowledge, practice, the ability to take a hit and the ability to adapt are all important in becoming a successful boxer.

Find Live Cotto Vs Margarito Results Online

The highly anticipated Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito rematch is finally here. Learn how to find live Cotto vs. Margarito results online, as well as Cotto Margarito II round by round coverage.

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