Stamina and Fighting Arts

You could learn how to throw a punch, land a kick, and even throw someone with great momentum. But what good will all those things be if you have no stamina? You may see this happen all the time, a boxer goes into the ring and grows tired far before his full 12 rounds. When you are winded and your body is fatigued from movement, you will not be effective in anything that you do.

The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ is a martial art, a combat sport and a self-defense system. The main focus is on a technique called grappling and ground fighting. Its guiding principle gives an idea that even a much weaker person can defend themselves, by using proper maneuvers in case of an assault.

Origins of Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts Style

If you are interested in the origins of Bruce Lee’s unique martial arts style – Jeet Kune Do, please read. The story will amaze.

5 Martial Arts That Actually Work in Self-Defense

The world of martial arts is diverse and full of style and culture. However, some people enter the martial arts world in order to be able to defend themselves and unfortunately, not all martial arts have been designed for modern situations. Here we look at 5 styles that work.

Is It Possible to Win A Fight Without Striking?

Talk to most people about fighting and whether or not they know how to, and you’ll find that they talk about striking most often. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with striking when you’re defending yourself, but if you’re only going to train within the world of strikes, you are going to miss out on the complete picture of self-defense.

The Reasons Why Training Matters In All Martial Arts

Coaches use the same analogies a lot. They talk about training hard, practicing, and players either listen or they become lazy. The same happens in martial arts time and time again. Any discipline you can think of comes with a lot of training, and even masters of 30 or 40 years of practice are still learning and progressing with the craft. If you ask them why they train, they’ll give you a variety of reasons, and it’s the same thing that echoes in the locker rooms of professional sports, high school sports, and even the Olympics. There are reasons why you need to train, as it matters deeply how and why you do it.

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