Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Face Off

Top Reasons to Choose Kickboxing As Your Workout

Find out how Kickboxing can help you reach your fitness goals and gain self confidence! These are just two ways that Kickboxing can benefit you, read on to learn more.

Tough Girls Guide To Surviving In A Boxing Gym

What women should look for in a boxing gym. What to expect in a boxing gym atmosphere. How to avoid some issues in the gym.

Floyd Mayweather Wants Fans to Cherry-Pick the ‘Cherry-Picked’

Floyd Mayweather, Jr, the businessman that he is, wanted his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers to decide who will he fight next between England’s Amir Khan or Argentina’s Marcos Maidana. Does anybody even care?

Will Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Ever Happen?

A Mayweather vs Pacquiao megabuck showdown can easily be the best boxing event of all time. Both fighters can make at least $30 million at the very least. But it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the horizon so what are the odds that it will happen?

The Allure Of Boxing As A Sport

When you think of sports perhaps boxing is not the particular activity that comes to mind. Maybe you think that boxing is something that is only done by professionals in a ring against an opponent and is not something that would be considered a fun and fulfilling form of exercise. If so, you be surprised to learn that many people enjoy boxing as a great exercise that they can do right in their own homes.

The Best Ways Of Boxing A Taller Fighter

As long as a fighter tips the scale within the limit of his weight department, it really doesn’t matter weather condition he is tall and his challenger is small. If you are not a tall fighter, then there will be a number of parties where you have to combat somebody you literally have to look up to.

One of the Best Pound for Pound: Juan Manuel Marquez

Juan Manuel Marquez story is inspiring and is an example for other young boxers to follow. Hailing from Iztapalapa one of the poorest regions in Mexico, Marquez’s rise from an average Mexican to a boxing legend is nothing short of amazing.

Developing Skills In Self Defense Combative Arts

An article about the general strategy of developing knowledge of self defense arts. Using boxing as an example, a fundamental approach to learning is described.

Finding Boxing Memorabilia

Finding boxing memorabilia is an art in itself. To get those rare treasures you need to know the right places to look.

Sports Theology

Sports betting in the United States is a $380 billion industry. The biggest gambling event in the United States is the Super Bowl, with an estimated $3 billion dollars being placed into play for one game. Ever stop and wonder why?

The Importance of Body Shots

Why do we use body punches? There are three very important reason to use body shots.

Best Weight Cutting Diet Tips For Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA

Weight cutting is most athletes least favorite thing to do for combat sports. Whether it’s for Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling or MMA chances are you will need to do it at some point in your career. Check out these top tips I’ve learned throughout my fight career that are sure to help you!

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