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3 Reasons To Never Quit Martial Arts Training

It happens all the time, people become disillusioned with their martial arts training and they eventually just give up. This happens in more than just this type of world, it happens with those trying to lose weight, those that have a hobby, and in general.

3 Reasons Adults Should Learn Martial Arts

Everyone should train with martial arts. Much like everyone should eat well, exercise, and respect others, everyone should focus on learning how this world can offer so many great benefits. If you have been debating whether or not you want to go forward with learning any discipline in the fighting world, you may be surprised by the reasons why you should join up a school or start doing some progressive sequences.

Sumo: Made for the Large and Disciplined

You’ve probably seen the big sumo wrestler suits at fairs and carnivals. In western culture, sumo wrestling has a comical reputation; but in Japan, it’s a professional sport, and serious business.

Mongolian Wrestling: Ancient and Modern

Mongolian wrestling is a past time for the Mongols of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. The Mongolian word is Bökh, which means “durability.” The Mongols have a cultural set of skills, called the “Three Manly Skills”, and wrestling tops the list.

Why Martial Arts Kata Training Slows Down Your Moves and How to Speed Them Up

Traditional Martial Arts Katas and form training request big effort to keep a low stance. In this way we are applying a big amount of isometric training on our legs making them strong but not quick when we need speed in our sparring sessions. Here you can find how to improve your legs speed and explosiveness while training for a perfect form stance.

Kali: A Lethal Combat Martial Art

It’s called Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali. Regardless of what name you might use, traditional Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), is one of the most deadly and efficient fighting methods on the planet. This article delivers the goods on this amazing martial art.

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