Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II – Official Weigh In [FINAL FACE OFF]

Dog Brothers: Stick Fighting, Higher Consciousness, and a Positive Tribal Mentality

The Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts school is a rare, fascinating, and unique culture that promotes stick fighting skill, long-term wellness, and an intelligent warrior mentality. The Dog Brothers put tribalism to good use; and use the dog metaphor to relate some of their philosophy.

Dog Kung Fu: An Exclusive Martial Art

If you love falling on the ground, and hopping around like a dog, you might just enjoy learning Dog kung Fu. Dog Kung Fu allows you to blind opponents with rhythmic fluidity, counter against injury, enhance ability to escape binding techniques, and improve relaxation and posture.

Do You Practice the Kung-Fu Style Chuojiao The Poking Foot

Chuojiao, meaning “poking foot”, uses various jumps, quick fist sequences, and kicks. It depends heavily on coordination between fist and foot movements, which are used to continuously strike forward; causing some practitioners to refer to it as “falling meteorites.”

Baji Quan: A Hard and Powerful Martial Art

Baji quan, meaning open-gate eight-extremities, uses powerful short-range attacks, and is well-known for devastating elbow strikes. Originally from the Northern China Province of Hebei, it spread quickly to Taiwan, and other locations.

Baguazhang: The Soft and Circular Dancing Martial Art

Baguazhang is a Chinese martial art from the Wudang School. It’s considered an internal art, and translates as “eight trigram palm”, which represents the I Ching, a canon of Taoism. A practitioner performing a coordinated form presentation resembles an elegant, and circular dancer.

The Perfect Fighter Is Not In The UFC

There is nothing wrong with UFC in essence. This is not something that is going to make you mad, and should not be taken as an insult to the athletes and pure martial artists that are working their way through the ranks of this promotion. The UFC has exposed a lot of new people to martial arts and has created enthusiasm for learning in a way that hasn’t been done in a long time.

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