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Boxing Clothing for Beginners

A boxer should always have a very good set of garments. As observed in numerous films, events, and matches, the boxer’s attire is normally free fitting but adequate to endure continual movements from his/her legs and arms. This indicates a simple set of boxing shorts and boxing jacket or hood is vital to retain both traditions and appeal.

Muhammad Ali – The Greatest

Muhammad Ali got into this world named Cassius Marcellus Clay Junior on January 17, 1942 in Louisville Kentucky, USA. Imposing 6’3 feet tall, he was crowned the three-time World Heavyweight champion. The youthful Clay Junior started boxing at 12 years of age when he was showcased on Joe Martin’s Show On TV ‘Tomorrow’s Champion’. He soon started training beneath Fred Stone, who’s attributed for that dance-like footwork of your soon-to-be boxing celebrity. When he changed to Islam in 1964, Clay, Junior, modified his name to Muhammad Ali, in which he was identified within his boxing career.

Buying Boxing Boots

Boxing boots are a specific style of footwear exclusively designed for the sport. Adopting the old saying which states that great punches ought to begin with the feet, these boots are created with level soles to improve individual’s maneuvering or pivoting when throwing power punches. Also, they are meant to give the fighter with excellent ankle support, avoiding sprains as well as other other injuries to the ankle. It ought to be mentioned, nevertheless, that this gear should be only utilized in boxing and hardly ever in mixed martial-art games.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao: View From the Philippines

Current world boxing Welterweight champion, Filipino Manny Pacquiao beat challenger Shane Mosely in Las Vegas on May 7, 2011. I was in the Philippines at the time of the fight. In order to get the Filipino view of this fighter, pride of his country, I attended a satellite-linked live transmission of the event in a famous sports bar in Manila. What I learned was that he’s much more than a boxer to his people–not a legend, but a hope.

Ladies Leather Gloves Compared With Synthetic Boxing Gloves

Are leather boxing gloves really better than synthetic nylon gloves and how does the material affect your boxing technique? Find out more about the different types of ladies boxing gloves and learn the truth about ladies leather gloves and how they can help you win.

A User’s Guide to Choosing the Right Pair of Female Boxing Gloves

Thinking of taking up womens boxing as a hobby and becoming part of sport that is rapidly increasing in popularity? Learn everything you need to know about choosing the perfect female boxing gloves for you.

A Buyer’s Guide to Good Quality Woman’s Boxing Gloves

Are you looking to buy a decent pair of long lasting protective womans boxing gloves? Learn how to spot the good quality from the bad, know what to look for and how to make an informed decision without blowing lots of money on unnecessary boxing equipment that you may never use.

Vitalish Bbege: Uganda’s Amateur Power Punching Champion and the Boxing Wins in Germany

Ten years after Mike Tyson was born, a young Ugandan boxer Vitalis (Vitalish) Bbege, who had quickly acquired the equivalent of a national Tyson-like ferocious boxing image, was scheduled to represent Uganda at the 1976 Olympics to be held in Montreal from July 18th to 31st. Among the other boxers on the Uganda team were future national boxing legends John Baker Muwanga (bantamweight) and featherweight Cornelius Boza-Edwards (Bbosa). Vitalish Bbege was scheduled to be Uganda’s welterweight competitor. Many African and other countries politically boycotted the 1976 around the starting of these Olympics.

Choosing The Right Pair of Ladies Boxing Gloves

Womens boxing is quickly becoming a popular internationally recognized sport. If you want to be a part of this exciting new sport you’ll need a suitable pair of womans boxing gloves. Learn how to choose the right ladies boxing gloves to protect your hands whether you’re fighting in professional or amateur competitions, training or simply working out at the weekends.

Getting Boxing Fit At Home

Want to learn the sweet science of Boxing? Want to learn how to keep fit at home, at your own pace? Come and take a look!

Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather Jr Won’t Fight Manny Pacquiao

On the eve of Pacquiao vs Mosley title showdown as expected, Manny won as he outclassed Shane during their fight. The most notable of this fight is on the 3rd round where Pacquiao sent Mosley to the canvass. Could this be a reason why Floyd Mayweather Jr won’t fight Manny Pacquiao?

Collecting Boxing Memorabilia

This article is about collecting boxing memorabilia. Included in the article is a brief history of the sport. We hope that the reader will have better direction when making sporting purchases having read this article…

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