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Punching Bags – A Review

Punching bags are objects that are sturdy and designed to be repeatedly punched or kicked. Their uses include stress relief, physical exercise, improving aerobic fitness, punching techniques, and physical strength.

Boxing Training – The Ace of Fitness

There is probably no exercise or fitness training that can get your body in top shape quicker and better than boxing training. Every muscle group is positively impacted with power, strength and resilience in as little as a week or two of serious training. Seeking out a personal trainer is certainly one route to go, and a good route if you want to learn training techniques firsthand.

Purpose of Using Heavy Bags in Boxing

A boxer’s job is to knockout their opponent. It’s a tough job. Hitting a trained opponent that is moving to evade your punches is hard enough, but when they are also trying to hit you it can become almost impossible.

Why Heavy Bags Are Critical For Training

The training involved for boxing is something a normal human being can not imagine for the most part. The physical strain boxers put on themselves goes above and beyond most people’s physical limitations.

Women’s Boxing Shoes

Just because some women enjoy the sport of boxing does not mean that they have to wear non-stylish boxing shoes. Once women entered the world of boxing, many manufacturers of boxing equipment and accessories jumped on the bandwagon and started to design and create shoes that would appeal to female boxers.

Low Top Boxing Shoes Vs High Top Boxing Shoes

Something to consider when shopping for boxing shoes that will fit you best is whether they are low tops or high tops. There are few differences between the two but only you will be able to tell which ones will work out best for you and your game.

Boxing Champions – Who Are the Three Best Italian-American Middleweights of All Time?

Throughout boxing history, the middleweight division has been one of the most competitive weight classes of all. Legendary middleweights are too numerous to name, but there are three Italian-American middleweight boxing champions who stand out.

Boxing Your Way to Effective Weight Loss?

Regular exercise and physical activity are important to the physical and mental health of almost everyone, including older adults. Being physically active can help you continue to do the things you enjoy and stay independent as you age. Regular physical activity over long periods of time can produce long-term health benefits.

Boxing For the Fighter’s Body

If you’ve decided to take up boxing because you like the lean, sculpted fighter’s body that most boxers have, the road ahead may not be as easy as you think. First of all, his body is not a machine driven one. Working with training machines is essential to his training program.

High Top Boxing Shoes – A Few Benefits

As all kick boxers will know, high top boxing shoes are a MUST when it comes to preparing for a kick boxing workout or event. Kick boxing is a sport that needs lots of support in the ankles and legs.

Italian Boxing Champions – Who Are Your Top Three of All Time?

With over four dozen Italian-American fighters who have held a world championship belt, it’s a difficult choice to pick the top three of all time. Take a look at our list of the top three Italian boxing champions, and tell us yours…

Why You Must Shadow Box

What’s shadow boxing all about? Why is it important for someone doing boxing training? What are the benefits?

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