Logan Told Me Not To Fight This Guy… (FIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT)

Boxing and Jogging – They Go Together

Do you want to be a good boxer? Well then you need to have superior cardiovascular strength. You also have to have strong legs which will not turn to rubber as the fight drags on. This means you need to do a lot of running, stadium steps, and wind sprints. Of course, you also need time to spend in the gym working out, building up your muscles, sparring, and working on your speed and strength. It would make sense not to waste the time while jogging, and to do a little shadowboxing as you go.

So, You Think Boat Ownership Is for You?

Not long ago, I met an interesting lady, she was a sailor, and she told me a story, she said that she had been told in her younger years that “women couldn’t sail,” almost as if she couldn’t possibly figure it out, and that even if she could, she’d never be any good, and it wouldn’t be allowed anyway. “Oh really!” she thought and said to herself; “watch me!” She did become a most excellent sailor and became a member of one of the premier yacht clubs in Marina del Ray, as well as earning her PhD.

Has The Sport Of Boxing Seen It’s Brightest Days?

Boxing used to have so much magic that surrounded each championship match. Children remembered where they were when Mike Tyson knocked out Larry Holmes. But now these children who are now adults can’t tell you who the Heavyweight champion is. Is this because of boxing’s shade past? Have they taken their fans for granted?

Muay-Thai Boxing for Children

This 700-year-old Thai martial art may almost seem, as though there is the spiritual part to Muay-Thai. Perceived once upon a time, as the best resources for Thailand to defend itself against foreign invasion…

How to Develop Your Uppercut and Surprise Your Opponent

One of the most glamourous and sought after punches. It is also one of the most difficult punches to master.

Learn How to Box at Home

Learn how to box at home only takes a small investment, a lot cheaper than an annual gym membership and it is the ideal way to become fitter and learn a new skill. What do I need? A heavy bag (and somewhere to hang it), 16 oz gloves, wraps and a skipping rope is all that is required.

Are Boxing Equipments Safe?

Through this article, we are going to explain about boxing game and its equipments. The boxing game is a contest to show your strength, energy, flexibility and endurance by fighting with each other throwing punches with gloves hands.

Muhammad Ali: Boxing’s Great One

When one thinks of boxing, one would automatically think of Muhammad Ali. No one has redefined the world of boxing as much as this phenom has. True to form, Ali’s career has been nothing short of amazing. In the history of boxing, no one has ever defeated more champions and top contenders than this heavyweight. He has certainly come a long way from being an underdog to boxing’s all-time greatest.

Mike Tyson: The Price Of Fame

They say that fame comes with a price. Behind the spotlight, there is an unfamiliar world full of luxury cars, beautiful women who are willing to give themselves to you, non-stop partying, and an endless flow of booze. Of course, this world is restricted to only a privileged few, so mere mortals have no place there. However, living in a world of glitter and glamour comes at a high price and Mike Tyson is living proof of it.

What George Foreman Taught Me About Self-Confidence And Resilience In Sports And In Life

Every athlete, parent of athlete and coach needs to know how to be self-confident and resilient. George Foreman, the former heavy champion, shared some great tips about being mentally tough and about bouncing back from setbacks.

Boxing: Knocking Out Racism and Inequality in America

Modern boxing is as old as America. They grew up together, and like America herself, boxing is as majestic as it is brutal. It’s as beautiful as it is primal. From the bloody and outlawed “exhibitions” in New Orleans to the “bare-knuckle” brawls in the shantytowns out West, boxing came of age with America. It has been called the “Sweet Science” and “the Manly Art of Self Defense,” but ultimately “boxing is a sport of confrontation and combat, a weaponless war,” pitting two warriors against each other to do battle in the squared circle.

Why We Love Mike Tyson

First off, you might not love Mike Tyson, that’s fine, but it would be hard to say that you don’t love greatness. I think a part of all of us wants to see greatness in action, particularly in sports. We are inspired by guys like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Muhammad Ali, they move us to achieve more and become better.

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