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Etymology of ‘Martial Art’

There is a common understanding that martial arts should predominantly be Asian, Eastern or oriental hence includes the many branches of Chinese and Japanese martial arts and discount combat sports like western boxing and wrestling. Yet alongside there is an another common understanding that martial arts must predominantly consist of fights, sparring and practicality which would, in turn, discount many branches of Asian martial arts and include combat sports like western boxing, and wrestling. Etymology of the term martial art is the first topic in discussion to understand what is meant by ‘martial art’.

Kenpo History Is Sort of a Mess

A brief look at three giants of Kenpo, James Mitose, William ‘Thunderbolt’ Chow, and Ed Parker, and how they may have been misconstrued. This is an interesting viewpoint, for it looks at the ‘bad’ side of these three men, and asks what the real lesson for the student is.

How Adult Karate Classes Help Treat ADHD Symptoms

Adult karate classes can help alleviate symptoms of ADHD by teaching focus and body control. Martial arts is great way to relieve stress caused by ADHD related symptoms.

How to Achieve Your Dream of Finally Wearing a Black Belt

Sometimes we can be so close to achieving our martial arts goals and fall short. This article explores how you can stick with the plan till you reach your first Dan.

Are You Sabotaging Your Hard Work?

As a martial artist, you may devote some serious resources into your martial arts training. This effort can be sabotaged by poor sleeping habits. Read this for more information, and even some great suggestions to help you get some great sleep so you can kick some butt on the mat.

Doing This During An Emergency Situation Can Cause a Lot of Aggravation

Self-defense has many faces. During an emergency situation, a few pieces of the personal protection puzzle can go a long way. One of those pieces is contained in this article. Enjoy reading it.

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