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Top Five Boxing Fights of 2015

Do you love watching boxing fights? If your answer is yes, then you must be interested in knowing about the top five boxing fights of 2015. Well, ranking boxing fights is as subjective as ranking movies and songs is. But a high level of action is an important requirement along with courage, stamina and heart of both the fighters. There have been fantastic boxing fights in 2015 and favorites of many fans have been changed from one to another. Want to know about the top five boxing events of the past year? Continue reading.

What I Learnt From Boxing

To me, boxing is life. It taught me everything from good nutrition to never giving up.

Men, Unleash Your Potential With Boxing

Boxing is the epitome of a manly art. Throughout history, boxing has been an avenue for young men to build strength, speed and mental fortitude which prepares them for the ring and for life.

About Boxing Gear, Gloves And More

Boxers are not really required investing in upper halves simply because of the fact that the game itself doesn’t have a place for jerseys. The jerseys with sleeves hinder the kind of movement involved here.

Boxing Gloves – The Best Friend Of Professional Boxers

The game of boxing is being loved by all and sundry. The game is highly appreciated across the globe among its trillions of fans. There is lot of action, thrill and excitement associated with this game. This is certainly the deadliest game in which the lives of the boxers are at the stake.

Boxing Gears: To Help You In Leaping Forward Towards Success

In order to achieve success in boxing, it is mandatory to do lots of practice. There is a famous saying that practice makes the man perfect. To achieve success, one has to practice a lot. The practice not only helps in improving the skills but also helps in enhancing the strength of the player.

How Boxing Gears Are Helpful In Protecting You From Injuries

We all love to watch the game of boxing. This game has gained huge popularity across different corners of the world. The game is certainly full of adventure and excitement. This game is considered as the deadliest game on this planet.

Modern-Day Boxing

When Cassius Clay aka Mohamed Ali passed away earlier this year, the world lost a great sportsman and a champion for human rights. Not many of the current generation may have heard of this great athlete who rose from very humble beginnings to conquer the world of Boxing and remained a huge favorite with many of the earlier generation even as a debilitating illness kept him away from public view for many years. The sport of Boxing is a blend of combat and martial art where two opponents use techniques to aim punches…

The Psychology of Boxers

For centuries, boxing has primarily been viewed as a physical and testosterone filled sport. A sport where physical strength and ruthless egos drive a match and fill seats in an arena. While the brutality of the sport may be what attracts fans, it is the psychology of the sport that truly depicts a great boxer. The mental stamina and toughness of any given boxer can make or break how successful they are on any given day. In the boxing world, this is called, “mind management.”

Why Boxing Is On Its Way Out

The age of heavyweights ruled the world. People from all over the globe traveled to Las Vegas and other popular cities to watch massive, hulking men duke it out in the ring. Now, however, the heavyweight champs are a thing of the past. Few consumers are willing to pay top dollar to watch relatively unknown boxers dance around each other for twelve rounds. This is especially true now that the biggest names in boxing are all lightweights or welterweights.

Fighting for His Family: The Billy Miske Story

We all see many of the boxers and MMA fighters of today as arrogant, brash individuals only caring about themselves. Billy Miske was the opposite of that. His story should inspire us all as to what’s really important in life.

Ayub Kalule: The Road to The Fight With “Sugar” Ray Charles Leonard

Ayub Kalule’s defense of the World Boxing Association (WBA) Junior-Middleweight against African-American Olympic gold medalist and superstar “Sugar” Ray Charles Leonard, is Kalule’s most internationally acclaimed fight. Kalule had won all 36 of his previous professional fights. The fight took place at the Astrodome in Houston in Texas, amidst a crowd of about 30000, on June 25 1981. In the first and second round of the fight, Leonard was surprisingly the attacker of the solidly built Kalule. Leonard was certainly, faster and more agile of the two, this enabling him to penetrate Kalule as the champion worked to figure Leonard out.

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