Boxing Workout – Water is a Matter of Life Or Death

Boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson suffered his only TKO during his bid for light heavyweight championship against Joey Maxim, because he was dehydrated. That fight occurred on a hot summer night in Yankee Stadium. In the past, many athletes lost their lives to mistreatment of over hydration. Knowing that during your boxing workout, water is a matter of life or death will keep you ahead of the competition as well as safe and healthy.

Pro Boxing – 3 Best Things to Do So You Reach the Next Level

To succeed in pro boxing, one of the 3 best things to do so you reach the next level is to first be a winner. What does that mean? Well, if you doubt your abilities or think very little of yourself personally, you lack what it takes to be a winner.

Boxing Classing and Qualification Programs

The numbers of benefits that can be derived from boxing classes are vaster than most realize. Yes, the ability to develop hand skills of a high enough level to compete in the ring are the most common benefits examined.

Professional Boxing – Warning – Are You Making These Mistakes?

The correct boxing training regime in the gym is imperative in accomplishing your success goals. Take a minute to calculate the price of losing. How much will it cost you to train the wrong way?

Learn the Basics of Being a Boxer

Boxing is becoming more and more popular these days. While it definitely had its height of popularity a few many years ago, as well as certain more recent incident occurring in the sport of boxing, it is starting to once again become of more and more interest to the average Joe. Most of who think that not only does it seem like a more fun workout than others, but it seems to be one of the easier ways to build great strength and upper body mass. This does have truth to it, but here let’s explore what it takes in the real true pursuit of becoming an actual boxer.

Non-Contact Boxing Classes For Kids

This article explores the benefits of young people participating in non contact boxing classes. For many parents, there is the assumption that boxing is all sparring or, worse, “fighting.

Are You a Boxing Expert? Test Yourself

Everybody is now familiar with the idea of trivia, especially since the emergence of wildly popular game shows that are based on it. Specifically, sports trivia has a huge following. Within the category of sports trivia, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc. In this article I’m going to give you some great trivia related to the sport of boxing.

Manny Pacquiao’s Greatness

How did Manny Pacquiao achieve this greatness? Is he a Superman? Of course not. Does he have extraordinary or magical powers? No also. Does he have the so called “Anting – Anting” or some call it “Dagon” in his home land? Yes!

Boxing Training Drills For Performing a Heavy Bag Workout

This is a challenging heavy bag workout that will provide a superior and complete boxing training routine. It incorporates lots of different techniques that will wear you out, torch some calories and get you into great shape. You’ll also improve your fundamentals and all around boxing skills.

Speed Bag Secrets Revealed! – Part II

In this article I will speak to the technique and strategy to hitting this particular punching bag – the speed bag – and getting a professional boxer-like rhythm going. It really does all start with technique.

How to Be a Champion When Your Boxing Days Are Over

George Chuvalo is Canada’s unlikely boxing hero. He grew up in Toronto born of immigrant parents. From his early years he liked the thrill of combat- especially when he won. He was tough and could both dish out the jabs and absorb them. But life is not all highs. And while he became one of Canada’s best ever boxers with the many accolades that come with that honour his life also reached the depths of despair that he has not quite been able to overcome.

6 Secrets to Sure Fire Success

What are the important qualities that a boxer/athlete should have in order to be successful? The author puts it into perspective. 6 essential values – sure success!

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