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Daniel Jacobs Continues to Impress, Has Date With HBO in His Sights

Congratulations to Daniel “The Golden Child” Jacobs, and his entire team, for last week’s 8th round knockout victory over fellow New Yorker, and tough ring veteran, George Walton. With boss Oscar De La Hoya at ringside, the brightest prospect in the Golden Boy stable showed exactly why by displaying a dizzying combination of speed and power that left the outgunned Walton questioning why he challenged Jacobs in the first place, and perhaps, why he returned to boxing at all.

Marquez Versus Mayweather

Maybe it was for the best that the upcoming fight with Maquez be delayed due to a rib cartilage injury. This postponement will give Floyd not only the time to heal but better prepare himself against this small beast from Mexico. He should definitely not underestimate this Mexican warrior because if one views his previous fights, one will be able to see he is seriously a tough opponent and not to be taken lightly. If Floyd feels like he is hungry for the championship belt and deserves to be called the best pound for pound fighter, he needs to step back and look at his competition, namely Marquez before Pacquaio.

Boxing Training – Tips For the Left Hook

As far as boxing training tips go, it should be noted that boxing is not a difficult sport to learn or to coach. It is a matter, for the pupil, of mastering a few fundamental punches and blocks; for the coach, of being able to teach the necessary technique in these punches. This article looks at the left hook.

Easy Boxing Lessons For Training

When beginning boxing lessons, the coach should place all his boxers in a circle around himself while teaching the phases of the important on-guard position. We find that such mass instruction at the outset is much more beneficial than having the boys pair off immediately with gloves on. After this practice procedure in which they punch at the air with bare hands, have the boys put on gloves, pair off, and go through the routine with one boy punching, the other blocking.

The Martial Science Of Boxing And Its Contribution To Military Close Combat

This article will examine the more obscure aspects of Boxing as a martial science. It will illustrate that the martial history, tradition and virtue of boxing is an undeniable fact albeit one that is rarely. If ever, seriously acknowledged and understood. It will concentrate upon the military applications rather than the normal sporting elements (although it will touch upon certain aspects of sporting competition where deemed appropriate) demonstrating how it has been an integral part of the training of a warrior since ancient times.

Boxing Fitness – Why Distance Jogging Weakens Fighters

Modern evidence shows in professional boxing fitness, distance jogging is ineffective and can even weaken fighters. These are just a few of the reasons serious trainers should discourage this practice in their proteges. Wisdom says to train hard but smarter. Although aerobic routines are an important part in boxing fitness, distance jogging weakens fighters and should be avoided. Too many miles on the run can seriously slow you down. Interval running several times a week, and keeping any distance under two miles will help insure you will be more explosive in the ring.

The Truth About Size in Boxing

Is it true that boxers with huge muscles are stronger than those who aren’t as muscular? The answer to this is a simple no… quite obvious if you watch boxing matches and see huge guys get beat up by smaller guys at the bottom-end of their weight class.

Boxing Ring – The Right Performance Nutrition For Endurance

When you are young and are blessed with great genetics, you may easily be fooled into thinking nutrition does not matter. Inside the boxing ring, the right performance nutrition for endurance will out shine any genetic advantage you may think you have.

Master Three Punch Variations For Boxing Training

When looking at training programs boxing, variations to the standard right jab are key. Following are some of the most effective variations of punches used in boxing which are not difficult to master. For example, against a boxer who carries his left elbow high or extends it too far out from the body thereby leaving an opening for a right to the body, the following sequence is effective: a left jab, a right, the left hook. This article looks at this and two other punching variations.

Boxing – No Interest in Heavyweight Title Fight

Wladimir Klitschko is acknowledged by most observers as the “real” heavyweight champion of the world, but does anybody really care? That is the big problem with boxing these days – not able to get attention for its big events, like heavyweight title fights, it is rapidly playing second fiddle to mixed martial arts.

The Pacquiao Phenomenon

Pacquiao’s size, power and looks are unassuming and unbelievable. Literally unbelievable for the other champion boxers they all wanted to test the veracity of his giftedness. And they all fell into the trap…

Who Really is Manny Pacquiao?

Emannuel Dapidran Pacquiao or famously called Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao can be described in three sentences. 1. A man who refuses to surrender to poverty. 2. A man who uses Great Faith In God as main weapon towards success. 3. A man who may eventually become a distinguished politician and businessman

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