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3 Things You Need To Know Before Ordering Boxing Gloves

Just like other sports, Boxing also needs thorough training and professional costumes to put on. Here is a quick guide to learn things before ordering boxing gloves.

Tips On Running A Youth Boxing Program

Tips for new amateur boxing coaches who work with youths. How to have a youth amateur boxing gym that runs smoothly.

The Benefits Of Boxing

All forms of exercise can be beneficial and worthwhile but some are definitely more fun and exciting than others. Boxing is a physical activity that offers amazing benefits and loads of fun at the same time.

Shaking Up the World

In 1964, a young and brash Cassius Clay was expected to lose to the heavyweight champion. He pulled off a memorable upset instead.

The Brown Bomber’s 100th Birthday

Joe Louis, the “Brown Bomber,” would have been 100 years old on May 13. His reign as heavyweight champion didn’t shatter boxing’s glass ceiling, but it did influence America’s black community.

Boxing Trunks and Groin Protectors

Boxing trunks are noteworthy apparel for boxers and this is one of the very first things that spectators may notice during competitions and main events. People look forward to their respective design and color as these are also used to identify each boxer in the ring. They stand out amongst the crowd with their glossy and shiny look that matches quite well with a boxer’s robe.

Why The Boxing Gym Thins Out

Sometimes the gym is packed. When it is not packed, there are reasons for that.

Rampage Fighter Leaves for Bellator

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson now has an official new home for his mixed martial arts career, ever since he signed with Bellator MMA. The acrimonious sister organization of the much more successful UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) was eager to snatch up the former Light Heavyweight leader as soon as his contract with the UFC was up. According to leaks from email to BR MMA, Spike TV, “Rampage” Jackson has signed an exclusive contract with the company and possibly Bellator to fight later this year under its logo and advertising brands – in fact, Rampage has already soundly beaten two…

Characters In The Boxing Gym

Boxing gyms attract a lot of people. Unfortunately, some real characters show up.

How To Choose A Boxing Gym For Kids

Boxing can be fun for kids. This is how to choose a suitable gym for them.

Going From Amateur Boxer to Coach

Amateur boxers can also make good coaches. Here are tips on how to become a coach.

How To Choose A Boxing Gym

There are various types of boxing gyms. Which one is right for you?

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