Speed Bag Secrets Revealed – Part I

Speed bags are essential for boxing training as well as for fitness. If you’ve never hit one before, try punching it constantly for 5 minutes… you’ll be ready to pass out in a heap! Speed bags are really the height of endurance training for a boxer. They also help to strengthen your wrists, forearms and very particular parts of your shoulders. Essential when you start training on the heavy bag to prevent injury.

5 Ways to Train For a Fight Using the Punch Bag

In every fight I’ve trained for, my number one tool has been an Everlast heavy bag. In my opinion, the boxing bag is the best tool for training for a fight… sometimes, even better then a friend opponent. Hitting the punch bag is great because you can take control. This is exactly what you want to do in a fight. Be patient, take control, and hit when your opponent least expects it. A heavy bag mounted to a 360 degree stand allows you to strike, allows you to time, and allows you to take control…

Mundine Outpoints Geale – Rematch!

On the 27th of May 2009 these two Australian world champions fought a great fight in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Geale, previously undefeated, really took the fight to the more experienced Mundine. Read the article below to find out what the result was.

Manny Pacquaio Versus Floyd Merriweather

The big fight between Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Merriweather is scheduled immediately after Floyd,s fight with Juan Marquez Manual. This fight will truly determine who is the best “pound for pound” fighter in their weight division. Much discussion has been focused on the speed and power of Manny and Floyd’s speed and elusiveness. This could be the “fight of the year” and in approximately six months, the world will see who is really the best “pound for pound.”

Realizations on Pacquiao’s Victory Over Hatton

Manny Pacquiao is judged as the best pound for pound fighter today. Aside from being a great fighter, he has the ability to “move millions” of people from the Philippines. Discover what the author realized in Las Vegas and how important these lessons are when applied in your everyday workout lifestyle.

Manny Pacquaio Demolishes Ricky Hatton

Manny Pacquaio proved to all disbelievers that he is definitely deserving of his belts. He beat Dela Hoya into submission and still was not given the credit that was due. However, on May 2, 2009, he removed any doubt who is the best fighter in the welterweight division of boxing. All one could hear after his recent fight with Ricky Hatton from Pinoys and all of his other admirers was: “Manny, Manny, Manny”!

I Train Chaz Michael Michaels

There are so many ways to train an athlete. How many of you have considered cross training in boxing? There has got to be a criteria in choosing a cross training regimen. See why “Chaz Michael Michaels” succeeds in his soccer game— the answer is boxing training!

A Memorabilia Night Out

If you like to watch a good boxing or kickboxing fight live and you love collecting signed sports memorabilia, here is a tip for you. Why not combine your two favorite pastimes?

Learn How to Fight

Learn how to fight, discussed are the best techniques to use and also how to practice. You will learn why punch bags are key to learning how to fight.

Boxing For Fitness

Through its stamped history and purist nature, boxing provides a solid platform for exercise. The benefits of boxing for fitness are plenty, with cardiovascular function, speed, power, agility, reaction time, strength, flexibility and coordination all variables of fitness which are trained, with weight loss and muscle tone being effective outcomes.

Andre Ward – On the Path to Gold Once Again

Andre Ward is a religious man. His nickname, S.O.G., which stands for Son of God, leaves little doubt.

Why You Must Be Unpredictable in Your Boxing Sparring

The key to winning fights is being unpredictable in your fight plan. In this article I’m going to describe what I mean and give you some great examples on how to do it.

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