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Andre Berto Claims NABF Welterweight Title

Andre Berto stepped in the the fight with David Estrada with pressure, hard punches, and combos. Estrada was a very tough opponent because Berto hit Estrada with many hard punches punches but he keep coming. There were times in the fight when I thought Berto was exhausted but all of a sudden he comes out with some devastating combinations that pushed David Estrada back a little.

Love It Or Hate It – Boxing Is A Popular Choice In Sport

Boxing is a game to be admired for more reasons than one. Boxers like Mohammad Ali have been a delight to watch and one would not mind staying up late in the night to watch a fight between Cassius Clay (which is what he was called) and Sonny Liston.

Filipino Boxer Manny Pacquiao’s Victory a Binding Force For RP

After a neck-and-neck match between Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez, the judges declared Pacquiao in a split decision as the real champ in the recent World Boxing Council (WBC) super featherweight bout in the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. In their 12 brutal rounds of punches, boxing techniques and strategies, both exemplified their thrilling styles of a true boxer. Whether you are a Filipino or a Mexican or simply a viewer, you can say that the match was indeed the best fight ever since both were …

Boxing a Boxer – When The Boxer Is Trained

What do you do if there is a boxer in your school who is better than you are? This fighter boxes better… faster, harder, with no openings. He beats everyone who crosses his path. What do you do against a skilled boxer?

Learning Boxing The Hard Way

Understanding the balance required when boxing between training and rest, which means recovery as both equal. The two day delay in muscles pains are for reasons of bodily repair, so require attention. By waiting till the body is better recovered will improve output greatly in the next session of boxing training!

Shadow Boxing – How Important?

Shadow boxing is imperative to master when seeking to actively participate as a boxer in the sport of boxing. Where all learning in the boxing gym can be perfected while not under threat of being punched, which will allow for more intense focus upon mobility and punch moves with accuracy on delivery.

Boxing – A Basic Overview for Beginners

Psychological endurance coupled with physical stamina and technique are the components of a well rounded boxer. Once you have found out what training routine works for you, you can play with it and specialize it to your specific needs. This will help build endurance and land those punches when it counts.

#1 Tip When Hitting the Heavy Bag for the First Time

DON’T hit the heavy bag on your first day…OK, well that may be taking it to the extreme, but if you have never hit a heavy bag before, proceed with caution. I think the tendency is to initially try to hit the bag as hard as you can.

The Magical Transformation Of Muhammad Ali

Over the last 40 years, Muhammad Ali’s image has made a magical transformation from one of the most disliked figures in sports to one of the most beloved. His ranking as a boxer has also sky rocketed from a good, fast heavyweight to the Greatest Boxer of All Time. Read about how and why this happened in this heartwarming story through the eyes of the author (beginning in 1967 when he was only 8 years old) and what this transformation taught him about race with the help of his father.

Boxing Equipment – What’s Essential & What’s Not

A brief but informative article on boxing… Proper boxing equipment is a “must” in any program. In comparison with most other sports, boxing is inexpensive to conduct, and can be very profitable financially. As with any other contact sport, close supervision is imperative to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Boxing – Know Your Punch Bags

Boxing has always been seen as a noble art, anyone who has ever been involved with the sport will tell you that the raining is hard but only half the story. To be a boxer you need to be totally dedicated and let boxing consume your life and you need to have nerves of steel when you step in the ring. That’s wonderful if you’ve got the fitness levels to get you to a stage where you can get on the road to being a boxer. But what about those mere mortals such as you and I who are looking for a release after a long day at work or some where to channel the frustrations of life that we encounter in our day to day lives. How can we use boxing as a way of keeping fit?

Boxing Technique Three Components of a Boxer

Boxing tolerance, physical stamina and boxing technique are three Components Of A Boxer. Which are not easy to achieve reaching levels of a competent boxer, much hardship can be experienced in the beginning though the self rewards out weight this, only if continuing training at a tolerable pace.

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