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Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao – The Greatest Secret Of The Greatest Boxer In The World Today

Time and again, behind the fame and glory of the greatest men on earth lies their greatest secret still unveiled. Yet, the common traits of these great people may be prevalent like a common denominator to imitate. But the greatest secret of the greatest boxer in the world today named, Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines, radiates from a unique angle to anybody else which makes him, the ‘Greatest’. This time, even without his willful consent, we shall unravel the Pacman’s mystique and unveil the curtain of his greatness!

Boxing Shoes For the Beginner

Everyone in boxing had to start at some point and they needed some starter boxing shoes. These can be found in any size, style or color…

4 Great Pieces of Discount Boxing Training Equipment

When you’re ready to start taking your training for boxing as seriously as possible, then you need all of the discount boxing equipment you can get your hands on. This boxing training equipment will provide you with that extra boost you need to succeed.

Speed Bag Training Tips and Drills

Speed bag training is an essential piece to any boxing training program. Install a speed bag set in your home and then get to work with these boxing speed training tips and drills.

Dealing With a Broken Heavy Bag Chain Or Punching Bag Stand

I know from experience how frustrating a broken heavy bag chain or punching bag stand can be. You were probably right in the middle of a workout when it happened, which means you get interrupted and you have to go about fixing it or buying something new. Here are some tips and suggestions you can use when you’re dealing with a broken heavy bag chain or punching bag stand.

Fun and Effective Heavy Bag Training Exercises, Techniques and Workouts

Use these heavy bag training exercises to start getting into fantastic shape while learning and improving on your boxing skills. These boxing training tips can help individuals of all skill levels.

Boxing Training Techniques to Improve Conditioning and Stamina

There are many different boxing training techniques that you can use to improve your conditioning and stamina. Start incorporating these basic ideas and strategies into your training for boxing.

Boxing Shoes Buying Guide

When you shop for boxing shoes the most important thing to watch for is comfort. All of the jumping around you will be doing in these…

Free Standing Punching Bags

For kick boxers or Tae Kwon Do students, free standing punching bags is just what you need. The foam target areas on these bags begin nearer..

An Introduction to a Heavy Bag Workout

When you are thinking about starting a heavy bag workout it is important that you know what to expect. There are some important basics that you should be made aware of.

Is Boxing Memorabilia More Popular Than the Sport Itself?

Some may wonder if boxing memorabilia is more popular than the actual sport of boxing. This can be somewhat of a legitimate question to ask because it sometimes seems as if the fervor for collecting sports memorabilia is strong that the love for actually watching a boxing match. Is such an assessment an accurate one?

Pacquiao Vs Clottey

Due to the fall of negotiations between the Pacquiao vs Mayweather, Joshua Clottey a Ghanaian welterweight boxer gain an opportunity to face the Filipino hero for the WBO belt. Coming from a lost to Miguel Cotto (but many people considered that he won that fight), He is still a very legit contest for Manny Pacquiao having both height and reach advantage on his side and plus the fact that he has the skills to match the overwhelming speed and power of Pacquiao. He’s a natural welterweight – simply put, Clottey is no push over for Pacquaio.

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