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Kickboxing – Burn Calories and Lose Weight Fast!

If you are looking for a workout that will leave you breathless, kickboxing may be the right choice for you. There is definitely an increase in the popularity of Kickboxing-Burn calories and lose weight fast! It offers an excellent way to burn as much as 1000 calories in a single workout.

Boxing – America’s Oldest Organized Professional Sport

The neighborhood that I grew up in (West Baltimore), was known for frequent street fights, so boxing was a means for me to channel aggression and frustration in a more controlled manner. It wasn’t long before I would rather go to the gym than to hang out with my school buddies.

Boxing Basics You Had Better Know to Avoid Being Knocked Out!

You need to be able to move around flexibly and with agility in boxing. You need to have endurance, strength and the ability to be tough and tougher then your opponent. But the most important thing you need to be able to do in boxing is punch well, below are some things your should learn firstly.

Why Boxing Can Be Good For Children

What would you say to your child if they came home and said they want to try out boxing? Would your response be horror? Most parents would feel this way and worry that their child could be seriously hurt in the ring.

Punching Bag Mounts and Hangers – How to Hang a Heavy Bag

While hanging a punching bag may seem like common sense to some, there are some important aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked to achieve optimal workout settings and maintain safety. There’s nothing worse than then having your wall or ceiling come crashing down a day or two after hanging your brand new bag, especially if you happened to be training at the time. Find a strong support beam that you are sure can more than handle the weight of the bag to accommodate both the bag weight and the extra force due to the bag swinging upon impact.

Sports Memorabilia – Legend Roy Jones Jr Defeated by Aussie

When it comes to collectors of sports memorabilia, many are eager to find items owned or linked to boxing legend Roy Jones, Jr. Although boxing fans often debate the careers of various boxers, Roy Jones Jr has been a force rarely seen in the sport.

The Ancient History of Boxing

The first records of hand to hand combats are dated back in the ancient Egyptian civilization. There is evidence to suggest, that has been found in Greek and Roman artwork and archives, that these early civilizations highly favored the sport of boxing. During this point of time, boxing had already become a well viewed and well known public event.

Boxing As a Martial Art?

Does martial boxing interest you? The term “martial boxing” pretty much sums up what this sport is all about. This sport is a blend of boxing and martial arts as the term obviously suggests which leads to a unique and different level of punching strength and application.

Boxing Gyms and Why They’re Needed

Boxing is a very popular sport. Apart from those who participate in the sport because they wish to compete against someone in the hope of obtaining a title, there are also those who take up boxing to increase their stamina, tone up there body, and build up power.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Boxing Equipment

If you have your sights on training as a boxer, the proper training equipment is very important. The following are some things you will have to get.

Training Your Grip

This is an introduction to grip training tools as well as grip exercises. Training grip is not only beneficial to martial arts and strength training, in general, but extremely important for overall hand health.

MMA VS Boxing

Some say that MMA has passed boxing as the leading combat sport and there’s no question about it. Is this true? Is boxing loosing in popularity due to the grow of mixed martial arts? MMA vs Boxing is a subject that has been analyzed by many. On the other hand, some I think that both sports are very unlike and have different kind of champions. Nevertheless both boxing and MMA have a similar appeal based on the combative nature of each sport and both attract largely male demographics (ages 20-40). People love to watch fights and both sports produce fights.

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