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Why Do Core Boxing Exercises Never Change?

Do boxers continue doing the same boxing exercises because they have found that’s what works? Is the sport of boxing really a science? Do boxing trainers “know something” the rest of us refuse to believe? Are traditional boxing exercises really necessary in the training of a fighter, or are they just a bunch of antiquated workouts that are obsolete? You be the Judge…

The Emergence of Philippine Boxing

The article offers information about boxing and the growing popularity of Philippine boxing. It offers recent information about boxing promotions as well as some results of recent boxing matches that involve Pinoy boxing prospects and stars.

More Boxing Combinations Applied to Cardio Kickboxing

This is the third in a series on martial arts striking combinations used as choreography in cardio kickboxing. This article looks at some variations on two simple boxing and kickboxing sequences. Working through the detailed choreography it is seen that a lot of variety can be had from a single sequence.

Andre Berto

Andre Berto is one of the most promising champions in the boxing industry and is working his way up to the top really fast.

The Art of Boxing Isn’t For Self Defense

Boxing is an exciting sport where two superb athletes square off in a ring and battle to the limits of human endurance. But while boxing is a brutal competitive sport, it is truly an ineffective method of self defense.

7 Classic Fights Between Undefeated Boxers

When an avid fight fan hears of an upcoming match between two undefeated fighters with huge followings, it’s usually enough to get the blood pumping in excitement and anticipation. Most often than not, the actual fight lives up to the hype created to promote the bout. Both fighters definitely want to keep their winning streaks going, although I doubt if it is as important to them as keeping or taking over the division title, whichever is the case.

The History Of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are a totally integrated part of boxing today but it was not always that way. It took literally hundreds of years for the boxing establishment to give up bare-knuckled fisticuffs and adapt the safer, saner padded boxing gloves that we see today.

Let Wei, The Most Brutal Form Of Combat, Is Back!

With the enormous popularity of muay thai, or Thai boxing, similar forms of combat from other South East Asia countries are now sought after by Western practitioners of martial arts. Let Wei, a very rough and brutal form of combat, is practiced in Myanmar, but it’s rare to see it outside the country. Due to the brutality of the fights, Let Wei champions are not allowed to fight anywhere else…

Pradal Serei, The Khmer Ancient Way Of Combat, Is Still Alive In Cambodia

Pradal Serey, or Khmer Boxing, means “free fighting style” in Khmer language. It is believed to be the oldest of South East Asia’s ancient martial arts. Bas-reliefs at the Bayon, in the ancient city of Angkor, show Khmer soldiers displaying combat techniques involving knees, elbows and kicks.

Watching Muhammad Ali Videos Reveal The True Heart Of A Champion

In my opinion, you’ve got to feel you were destined to be the Champion – that being a GREAT fighter is why you are on this earth.

Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing

An effective way to transform one’s personality in a great way is to learn Muay Thai kickboxing. Its various benefits include development of a good diet regime, de-addiction, self-defense skills, sound physique, elevated self confidence, etc

Boxing Techniques

To fight successfully a boxer must employ the right boxing techniques for himself. You must follow your plan. For a start you should study your opponent and look for his weak points. And attack them relentlessly so you can get the better of him.

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