Restorative Yoga Explained (From a PhD)

My Proudest Moment In Martial Arts

For most martial arts enthusiasts, the ultimate goal is to attain a black belt. But once you achieve that, you realize it’s only the beginning of wonderful journey.

Tournament Training: Small Moments Matter

“Tournament is a chance for you to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself” he said then continued “if I give 100% then I expect you to do the same. I want to see your lowest stances and hear your loudest kiai, now is not the time to be shy. Growth happens when you are out of your comfort zone.”

Beginner Training in a Martial Art

Certain martial arts like T’ai Chi and Wing Tsun (or Wing ‘Chun’) have a beginning training method that is part of their art. The method is slow movement training. The public sees T’ai Chi practitioners moving slowly in parks and gyms.

Cutting Weight Safely For MMA Fighting Vs Wrestling

While mixed martial artists can have a varying pedigree of where they came from and how they got started in the sport, many came from a wrestling background. Wrestling gives a terrific fight foundation for an MMA athlete; it also sets them up for many similar practices they will also have to go through when preparing for an event. Cutting weight is a good example. Whether you’re a wrestler or a full contact cage fighter, it pays to be at the right weight. Making weight is a common practice in wrestling so MMA fighters who started here will be the most familiar with how to do it. While the actual process of cutting weight is generally the same for both combat sports, there are some differences you will need to know when preparing for an MMA contest as opposed to a wrestling tournament. Keep reading this article to learn the best way to cut weight for both wrestling and MMA fighting as well as the major differences between the two processes.

How Long Should It Take to Get a Black Belt in Military Martial Arts

How long it should take to get a black belt is always an interesting question. The military, since they have complete control of the student, should be able to turn out black belts a lot faster than is normal. Read about it here.

Six Benefits of Participating in Martial Arts

Engaging in martial arts can provide people with great opportunities for physical activity, but did you know there are many other advantages as well? Explore additional benefits of participating in this discipline.

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