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Top 5 Reasons To Learn Self Defense Today

Ever wonder if learning self defense was right for you? Well, here are 5 reasons why you may want to explore learning self defense today. Whether it’s for a hobby or for the art of fighting, you can learn how to do a lot more today than ever before. These are 5 top reasons to learn to defend yourself today.

FAQs – Social Confrontations and How to Deal With Them

There is an almost infinite number of potential causes, although alcohol and so-called “recreational drug” use are often common denominators in unacceptable social behaviours. Assuming we discount things such as feuds and settling of outstanding grudges between people, most spontaneous confrontation tends to occur in situations.

5 Tips for Storing a Samurai Sword

A samurai sword is seen by many as a piece of art and deserves to be stored in the best possible manner. However, the process of storing this type of sword is relatively straightforward if a few basic steps are taken.

What Are the Benefits of the Carbon Steel Sword?

The performance and quality of a katana sword is certain to be influenced by its construction material. Over the years, the best swords have been constructed in many different materials, including steel, iron and bronze.

Karate Masters Deliberately Hide Real Karate Techniques

A long term rumor is that certain karate techniques have been hidden. This article discusses the actual secret pact made by Okinawan Karate masters not to teach the real karate. It names names, and discusses the consequences of such an action.

The Lost Form of Ancient Karate

The story of how Karate was born. The article details how a shipwrecked sailor taught Ankoh Itosu, one of the iconic figures of Karate, a form. That form became five separate Kata. The five kata became the basis for all karate.

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